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Once upon a time, in the much simpler and cuddly pre-smartphone era, ignoring someone's direct communication meant simply shrugging off a postcard or two. You'd have a vaguely guilty feeling and life trundled on. However, in this new age of nifty technology and constant connectivity, ignoring can be done in a multitude of ways. Say hello to 'National Not Text My Ass Back Day', an intriguing day that sprouted in our digital culture, where we raise a toast to all those who cherish the time-honored tradition of 'screen and ignore'.

When is Not Text My Ass Back Day?

It's national not text my ass back day on the 8th July.

Unwrapping the Mystery of the Silent Treatment

Well, you might wonder how such a quirky day even went viral. Believe it or not, our online sleuths at picked up on 2075 mentions of this day swooshing around the internet. The ebullient chatter peaked on 8th July 2017, making it the banner day for everyone who's experienced the bitter sweetness of a mobile cold shoulder. The digital masses clung onto this trend, making it a semi-official emotional detox day.

Why Even Celebrate This?

Now before you try to place this day side by side with more traditional holidays, remember that these national days can be as much about empathy and understanding as they are about humor. It's a therapeutic nod to the pesky waiting game we've all played in the mobile messaging world. So on this day, we gather round with friends, share laughable stories, indulge in wistful memories, and step away from our treasured devices for some real social interaction.

The Fun Side to National Not Text My Ass Back Day

The day is about sharing, giggling, and ludicrous amounts of comfort food. Many celebrate it with tongue-in-cheek gifts aimed at the text ignorer in their lives; Think along the lines of a phone with a permanent 'seen' notification. T-shirts, mugs, and even cards with humorous 'non-replies' have also found popularity. Others indulge in offline activities - rediscovering nature, board games, or having actual conversations, unmediated by tiny screens and confusing emojis.

History behind the term 'Not Text My Ass Back'


The rise of texting

In the year 2003, text messaging became an increasingly popular form of communication, particularly among young people. With the introduction of affordable mobile phones and unlimited texting plans, texting quickly became a mainstream method of staying connected with friends and family. As the usage of texting rose, so did the need for quick and concise messages.


Informal language and abbreviations

By 2005, texting had established its own unique language and style. Due to the limitations of character count and keypad design, people started using abbreviations and shorthand to convey their messages more efficiently. This shorthand included acronyms like 'lol' for 'laugh out loud' and 'omg' for 'oh my god'. The informal language and abbreviations used in texting allowed for quick and easy communication.


Not text my ass back

In 2007, the phrase 'not text my ass back' emerged as a humorous and sarcastic expression among texters. This phrase was used to convey frustration or annoyance when someone did not respond to a text message. It added a touch of humor to the situation and became a way to express frustration in a lighthearted manner. The phrase became popular in text conversations and later spread to social media and online forums.


Internet memes and viral content

With the rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, internet memes and viral content became prevalent in the online world. The phrase 'not text my ass back' gained further popularity as it was used in memes, funny videos, and relatable content. People found it amusing to incorporate this phrase into their online posts, and it became a popular cultural reference for expressing frustration with communication.


Continued usage and cultural impact

As of today, the phrase 'not text my ass back' continues to be used in text conversations, social media posts, and popular culture. It has become an informal way to express frustration or playfully tease someone for not responding to a message. The phrase showcases the evolving nature of communication and the creativity of language in the digital age. It serves as a reminder of how language can adapt and transform in response to new technologies.

Did you know?

Did you know, the term 'ghosting' in the digital context was mooted as the Word of the Year in 2015 by Collins English Dictionary? The act of abruptly breaking off all communication without any explanation ties in perfectly with the spirit of 'National Not Text My Ass Back Day'.


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