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Do you hear that? It's the sound of hooks and clasps globally sighing with relief - it's National No Bra Day, probably the most chill 'leave your bra at home' holiday you've never heard of.

When is No Bra Day?

It's national no bra day on the 13th October.

Unhooking the History

Among the 365 days of the year, October 13th stands out as a teasingly unique day for women to let it all hang out - comfortably, that is. National No Bra Day is one brassiere-less revolution that was first seen on the wild world of the internet in 2011 - a holiday almost as young as the crop tops we see trending today!

Much to the delight of garments across the planet, it found its peak levels of popularity on October 13th, 2016 where online mentions soared up to a record-breaking 26,121. Perhaps it was a bored intern, a calculated marketing campaign, or a public cry for comfort that caused this explosion of attention; we may never truly know.

More Than Just Freeing the Ta-Tas

Despite its cutesy appeal and wardrobe convenience, National No Bra Day goes beyond the superficial layers. It’s actually a day aimed at promoting breast-cancer awareness and encouraging gender equality, all while freeing women from the 'compulsory' undergarment norm. It invites participants to go without a bra for the day and prompts conversations about breast health and the realities of living with breast cancer, which frankly, is anything but comfortable.

Sexpert Tip: Let Them Breathe

Celebrating National No Bra Day also supports health. There are theories that propose benefits of going bra-less such as improvement in the shape of the breasts, enhancement in blood circulation, relief from skin irritation and, for some, even a good night's sleep. So proceed forth without the chest-hugger today — your body will thank you!

History behind the term 'No Bra'


The Sexual Revolution

During the 1960s, a cultural shift occurred known as the Sexual Revolution, which challenged traditional attitudes towards sex and gender roles. Women began to embrace more freedom and equality, both in and out of the bedroom. This era laid the foundation for the eventual rise of the 'no bra' movement.


The Introduction of the Bra Burnings

One significant event in the history of the 'no bra' movement was the introduction of bra burnings. In 1964, feminist protesters organized the first public mass bra burning at the Miss America protest in Atlantic City. This act served as a symbolic rejection of societal constraints and beauty standards imposed on women.


The Release of the Book 'The Female Eunuch'

In 1968, the book 'The Female Eunuch' by Germaine Greer was published. It became an influential feminist text that criticized gender roles and advocated for female liberation. Greer's book further fueled the growing movement against the bra, emphasizing the idea that women were no longer willing to be confined by undergarments.


The Rise of the 'No Bra' Movement

The 1970s saw the rise of the 'no bra' movement, with more and more women choosing to go braless as a form of personal expression, liberation, and protest against societal norms. This movement coincided with the broader feminist movement and served as a visual representation of women's liberation from patriarchal expectations.


The Braless Fashion Trend

In the 1990s, the 'no bra' movement experienced a resurgence as the braless fashion trend gained popularity. Celebrities like Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow regularly appeared on red carpets and in magazines without wearing bras. This trend reinforced the idea that going braless could be fashionable and stylish, further normalizing the choice.

Present Day

Continued Advocacy and Comfort

Today, the 'no bra' movement continues to evolve and advocate for body positivity, comfort, and personal choice. Many women choose to go braless for various reasons, including comfort, self-acceptance, and rejecting societal expectations. It has become a symbol of embracing one's natural body and challenging the notion that women must conform to specific beauty standards.

Did you know?

The largest bra ever made was an uplifting 122.2 meters wide with a bust measurement of 39 meters, a far cry from our bra-less observance of the day!


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