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Ever feel like every day should be a holiday? There's a reason for that, especially when it's something as universally relished as National Nap Day! Hailing from internet fame, this day is a nod to every yawning indi-visual (pun intended) who finds solace in the arms of Morpheus. This is THE day to celebrate our inner 'naptivist'.

When is Nap Day?

It's national nap day on the 13th March.

A Little Nap History

Even though it seems like National Nap Day emerged from the dreams of overtired citizens worldwide, it made a real splash online on March 13, 2017 with a whopping 27465 mentions! No snooze button needed that day! We can't confirm if it was just a coordinated effort by a sleep-deprived group of night owls or an ambitious campaign by mattress companies, but hey, we aren’t complaining!

Taking a Siesta

While National Nap Day might seem like a modern invention, cultures around the world have long embraced the midday snooze. The siesta, a traditional daytime sleep of Spain, was originally conceived for workers to escape the midday heat, and it is still observed to this day!

To Nap or Not to Nap

So, is a nap just a luxury? Far from it. In fact, it is a necessity. An essential part of a daily sleep cycle, napping improves health, productivity, and mood. So the next time someone tries to make you feel guilty about your afternoon shut-eye, remind them it's a health choice. Seriously, how can anyone resist a cozy blanket and a fluffy pillow?

Making the Most of This Day

So how can you make the most of National Nap Day? It's as easy as closing your eyes! Turn off your phone (wishful thinking), dim the lights, and let your snores echo free. Whether you are a power-napper or a long-haul dozer, today is the day you hold no bars. Happy napping!

History behind the term 'Nap'


Napping takes on a new meaning

The term 'nap' originally dates back to 1796, when it took on the meaning of a short sleep or doze. It evolved from the Old English word 'hnappian' which meant to fall asleep briefly or to take a nap. The concept of napping has been found in cultures throughout history, with many ancient civilizations recognizing the benefits of a short snooze.


Power naps gain recognition

In 1869, the term 'power nap' was coined to refer to a short and invigorating nap that helps to restore energy and increase productivity. The concept of power napping gained recognition in the 20th century when scientists started studying sleep patterns and identified the benefits of a short nap in boosting cognitive function.


International celebration of napping

In 1995, the first National Nap Day was organized by William Anthony, Ph.D., a Boston University Professor and his wife. They chose the Monday following Daylight Saving Time as a day to highlight the importance of taking a nap and to encourage people to make sleep a priority. National Nap Day has since become an internationally recognized day to celebrate the art of napping.


Nap pods in the workplace

As studies demonstrated the positive impact of napping on productivity, some forward-thinking companies began incorporating dedicated nap spaces or 'nap pods' in their offices. These specially designed areas provided employees with a comfortable and quiet environment to take a quick nap during the workday, promoting focus and creativity.


Napping goes mainstream

Napping has become increasingly accepted and embraced by society as a means of improving mental and physical well-being. Numerous sleep apps, relaxation techniques, and guided nap sessions have emerged, making it easier for people to incorporate napping into their daily routines. Napping has transformed from a luxury for the elite to a recognized strategy for enhancing productivity and overall health.

Did you know?

Did you know, contrary to common belief, a perfect nap time is actually 20 minutes? Known as a 'power nap', it can boost your creativity and alertness without the risk of waking up groggy!


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