National Mountain Dew Day

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Hoo boy, get ready to pop open those fizzy, neon delights! Do you feel a certain, tingling sensation in your molars? Well, buckle up - that's not just a sugar rush we sense, it's the excitement for National Mountain Dew Day!

When is Mountain Dew Day?

It's national mountain dew day on the 11th December.

When Life Gives You Mountain Dew...

Who knew the saccharine sensation could generate enough buzz to merit its own special day? We did, and we're absolutely rad about it. National Mountain Dew Day is a colorful celebration of that fluorescent fizzy beverage that's as American as apple pie and just as sweet, if your taste buds are up for the challenge that is!

4 Mentions Online? Broaden the Horizon!

Our online snoop skills have detected a whopping 4 mentions of National Mountain Dew Day which got their fifteen minutes of fame primarily on the 11th of December, 2015. While it's not quite breaking the internet just yet, it's holding its own for a drink that was actually created to be used as a mixer for whiskey. Who knew?

Let's Toast to Wholesome Fun

Mountain Dew's nostalgic taste unites soda enthusiasts and captures the wild essence of our youthful escapades. There's something deeply promising about a day where the official celebratory drink boasts the ability to ‘Do the Dew’. So, let's raise a can or bottle to this effervescent event, and celebrate responsibly, shall we?

The Mountain Dew Evolution

The Dew's journey began in 1940 as a soda designed to cut through the strong taste of hard liquor. This ambitious little upstart soda has since diversified into an array of 'electrifying' flavors. Today, it's known far and wide for its distinctive neon look and refreshing taste. And let’s not forget its wacky yet memorable ad campaigns featuring extreme sports and gamers. So remember to indulge in some Mountain Dew on its special day, December 11th - your taste buds will thank you for the wild ride.

History behind the term 'Mountain Dew'


Birth of Mountain Dew

The term 'mountain dew' was first used to describe a type of moonshine whiskey produced in the Appalachian Mountains. Moonshiners chose this term due to the clear, potent, and refreshing taste of their homemade whiskey, which they believed was similar to the dew found on the mountains in the early morning.


Trademark for Mountain Dew

The term 'mountain dew' gained popularity and caught the attention of the brothers Barney and Ally Hartman, who were beverage bottlers. They decided to trademark the term 'Mountain Dew' to use it as the name for their new citrus-flavored soft drink. The Hartman brothers wanted to create a refreshing beverage that would appeal to working-class people in the Appalachian region.


PepsiCo Acquires Mountain Dew

In 1964, PepsiCo acquired the brand Mountain Dew from the Hartman brothers with the aim of expanding its product portfolio. The acquisition helped Mountain Dew reach a wider audience and allowed PepsiCo to capitalize on the growing popularity of the citrus-flavored soda.


Extreme Marketing and Mountain Dew's Image

During the late 1980s, Mountain Dew underwent a significant shift in its advertising and marketing strategy. The brand began targeting the youth market by using extreme sports, such as skateboarding and snowboarding, as a key element in their commercials. This edgy and adrenaline-fueled approach to marketing contributed to the development of Mountain Dew's image as a drink associated with adventure and thrill-seeking.


Introduction of Mountain Dew Code Red

Mountain Dew Code Red, a cherry-flavored variant of the original soft drink, was introduced in 2001. The success of Code Red further solidified Mountain Dew's position as a leading player in the soft drink market. The bold and unique flavor profile of Code Red appealed to consumers looking for a more intense taste experience.


Mountain Dew Kickstart

In 2012, Mountain Dew launched a new line called 'Mountain Dew Kickstart,' which combined the flavors of Mountain Dew with fruit juice and added caffeine. Kickstart aimed to target the morning beverage market by offering an alternative to traditional coffee and energy drinks. It provided a burst of energy in a refreshing and non-carbonated form.

Did you know?

Did you know that Mountain Dew was initially created to be a mixer for whiskey? You can certainly say that the fizzy drink has had quite a 'spirited' past!


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