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If life gives you limes, make Mojitos! Or, perhaps more appropriately, wait until National Mojito Day to do so. This internet phenomenon brings together cocktail lovers from every corner of the world to salute their favorite summertime refreshment.

When is Mojito Day?

It's national mojito day on the 11th July.

Quenching the World's Thirst for Knowledge About National Mojito Day

First things first: What's a Mojito, you ask? This Cuban classic cocktail blends mint, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and the all-important white rum. It's like a tropical vacation in a glass!

But let's steer our cocktail cruise liner towards the web history of this illustrious internet occasion called National Mojito Day. Marauding along a timeline of 4061 online mentions, we spy quite a swell of Mojito musings particularly on July 11 in the year 2017. The internet waved its magical wand, making that day a virtual toast-a-thon for the beloved Mojito.

How Did it All Start?

Now, digging into the origins of this day might not be as easy or refreshing as sipping on a Mojito, but here's what we know: The internet's thirst for themed holidays led to the creation of National Mojito Day. It’s interesting to note that it’s still unclear who officially mooted the idea, but it caught on like wildfire as tipsy tweets and high-spirited hashtags breezed across cyberspace.

Celebrating Virtually and Beyond

So, how can one celebrate this glorious day? From making your own Mojito, posting a drool-worthy picture of it online, to trying out a new Mojito recipe at your favourite restaurant or using the hashtag #NationalMojitoDay to share fun facts about the cocktail.

Stirring up a Sense of Community

This virtual event isn't just about merriment, Mojito-style. It's also a chance for people to connect, sharing their love for cocktails, exchanging recipes, and stirring up a sense of community one sip at a time. Who knew a little rum and mint could do so much?

History behind the term 'Mojito'

16th century

Origin of the name

The term 'mojito' is believed to have originated from the Spanish word 'mojar' which means 'to moisten' or 'to wet'. It is derived from the verb 'mojar', which describes the act of wetting sugar cane juice with water. This refreshing combination of ingredients would eventually evolve into the modern mojito cocktail.

19th century

Birth of the Mojadito

During the 19th century in Cuba, the precursor to the mojito called 'mojadito' became popular. This early version consisted of sugar cane juice, lime, mint, and water. It was often consumed by workers and slaves as a way to cool off in the tropical heat.

Late 1800s

Introduction of Rum

Rum was added to the mojadito cocktail to enhance its flavor and give it an extra kick. This addition transformed the drink into the mojito we know today. The combination of rum, mint, lime, sugar, and soda water created a refreshing and invigorating cocktail that quickly gained popularity.

20th century

Hemingway's Influence

The mojito gained international recognition and popularity in the 20th century, partly due to the renowned American writer Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway developed a fondness for the drink during his time in Havana, Cuba. He even mentioned the mojito in his novel 'Islands in the Stream,' which further contributed to its fame.

Modern Era

Global Cocktail Phenomenon

In recent years, the mojito has become a global cocktail phenomenon. Its refreshing combination of flavors, including the sweetness of sugar, tanginess of lime, and coolness of mint, makes it a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts worldwide. It is now commonly found in bars and restaurants around the globe, often with variations featuring different fruits or flavors.

Did you know?

Did you know that the Mojito was allegedly a favorite drink of author Ernest Hemingway?


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