National Milk Chocolate Day

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Everyone has that one friend who will take a bullet for some milk chocolate. That friend who would sneakily slip their hand into your Halloween stash and somehow manage to extract only the milk chocolate candies without getting caught. Gather around friends, because today we're diving into the sweet history of National Milk Chocolate Day.

When is Milk Chocolate Day?

It's national milk chocolate day on the 28th July.

What is National Milk Chocolate Day?

Ever heard the phrase 'chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays'? Well, every July 28th, mother nature turns Monday blues into a creamy milk chocolate delight, yes it's National Milk Chocolate Day! This day is all about celebrating and indulging in your favorite milk chocolate treats. Oh what a sweet (literally!) day it is!

The Sweet Peak of Popularity

Much like a perfectly tempered tab of chocolate, National Milk Chocolate Day's popularity online shows a soft peak on July 28, 2015 with a lip-smacking 7791 mentions. What sparked this delightful surge, we can't precisely tell. Was it a celebrity tweet accompanied by a delicious chocolate selfie, or an online challenge that got travellers bitten by the chocolate bug? We may never know, but the mystery makes this even more fun!

A Dairy Yankee Doodle Dandy

Did you know that the wonderful invention of milk chocolate was actually first introduced by the distinguished Swiss? Yet, in a true American spirit, we adopted it, loved it, and now celebrate it in all its glory, proving once again that America has a true penchant for embracing and celebrating delectable culinary delights.

Celebrating National Milk Chocolate Day at Home

How could you celebrate this chocolaty occasion? Why, by relishing your favorite milk chocolate treats of course! Whether it's in the form of truffles, bars, shavings over your morning cappuccino, or even if you're just the lick-the-spoon-after-making-hot-cocoa type, we're all united under the milky chocolate arch today!

History behind the term 'Milk Chocolate'


Cacao meets Milk: The Birth of a Flavorful Harmony

In 1674, the concept of milk chocolate began to take shape when a Swiss physician named Hans Sloane noted a unique concoction during his travels. While stationed in Jamaica, Sloane encountered the native Aztec practice of mixing cacao with water. He found it rather bitter, but also observed that the locals sometimes diluted it with milk, enhancing the flavor and making it more enjoyable to consume.


The Dutch Innovate: Creating Solid Chocolate

Fast-forwarding to 1828, a Dutch chemist by the name of Coenraad Van Houten developed a hydraulic press that revolutionized the cocoa industry. By pressing the cocoa beans, Van Houten was able to separate cocoa butter from the solids. This innovation led to the production of cocoa powder, which when mixed with milk and sugar, gave birth to the delectable treat we now know as milk chocolate.


Nestlé Steps In: Towards Mass Production

In 1875, Swiss confectioner Daniel Peter took the concept of milk chocolate to the next level. Inspired by his neighbor and friend Henri Nestlé, the founder of Nestlé, Peter experimented with Nestlé's condensed milk in his chocolate recipes. This groundbreaking combination resulted in a smoother and creamier texture, capturing the attention of chocolate lovers worldwide. Nestlé recognized the potential and collaborated with Peter to establish the first milk chocolate manufacturing company in the world.


Cadbury's Influence: Popularizing Milk Chocolate

A pivotal turning point in the history of milk chocolate occurred in 1901 when Cadbury introduced their milk chocolate bar. Cadbury's unrivaled success in marketing and distribution brought milk chocolate to the masses, making it a widely accessible indulgence. The creamy and luscious delight quickly gained popularity, solidifying its place as one of the most beloved chocolate varieties in the world.

20th Century

Global Expansion: Milk Chocolate Goes International

Throughout the 20th century, milk chocolate continued to gain global recognition, captivating taste buds and becoming a staple in confectionery. Chocolatiers around the world infused creativity into milk chocolate, producing an array of delectable combinations, from milk chocolate with nuts to milk chocolate with caramel. Its versatility and unparalleled smoothness ensured its universal appeal, making milk chocolate a beloved treat enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures to this day.

Did you know?

Did you know that creating the first milk chocolate product actually took the Swiss 8 long years of labor? Those chocolate connoisseurs really knew that good things take time!


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