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Put on your wide-brimmed thinking hat and wipe the cobwebs off your wisdom, it's time to talk National Mentoring Day. This gleaming beacon of guidance has rustled up quite the internet buzz, especially on the 27th October 2020, when it became the digital talk of the town!

When is Mentoring Day?

It's national mentoring day on the 27th October.

Laying Down the Mentoring Milestones

First things first, we need to take a step back and look at the who's, what's and when's. National Mentoring Day is a day devoted to clinking cups with those noble folk who guide us on our journey through life. It's all about sharing pearls of their wisdom and having a good chinwag about growth and learning.

Peaking Online on October 27, 2020

Oh boy, let’s put on our digital detective hats and rewind to October 27, 2020, the Big Bang of National Mentoring Day's internet history. This day saw internet users chirping about it left, right and center, after all, who doesn't love a day highlighting the guru’s that light up our path? From tweets to Insta posts to spicy Reddit threads, there was no place Mentoring Day madness wasn't crawling into.

Why The Fuss?

Life can be like trying to put together an IKEA flat-pack without instructions. Sometimes you need a mentor’s direction to find that missing screw and make things click. National Mentoring Day is about appreciating these ‘instruction manuals’ in our lives. So, don your party hat, fire up the memes and let's cause a ruckus online for our mentors, shall we?

History behind the term 'Mentoring'

18th century

The Origin of Mentor

The term 'mentoring' finds its roots in Greek mythology. In Homer's epic poem 'The Odyssey', Mentor was the trusted friend and adviser of Odysseus. He was tasked with guiding and providing wisdom to Odysseus' son, Telemachus, during his father's absence. Mentor's role symbolized mentorship as a relationship built on trust, guidance, and knowledge transfer.


Usage as a Noun

The term 'mentor' was first used as a noun in English literature by François Fénelon, a French theologian and writer. In his book 'Les Aventures de Télémaque', Fénelon uses 'mentor' to refer to a wise and trusted adviser. This introduced the concept of mentorship beyond the confines of Greek mythology.


Modern Usage in Workplace

In the 1970s, the term 'mentoring' gained popularity within the context of professional career development. Organizations recognized the importance of cultivating relationships between experienced employees and less experienced colleagues to facilitate learning, skill development, and career advancement. Mentoring programs were established in various fields, supporting individuals in achieving their goals and navigating the complexities of the workplace.


Formal Mentoring Programs

During the 1980s, formal mentoring programs became more widespread in corporate and academic settings. These programs involved structured mentoring arrangements, where mentors and mentees were matched based on their specific goals, expertise, and compatibility. Formal mentoring programs aimed to provide consistent and structured guidance to promote professional development and maximize individual potential.

21st century

Expanding Beyond the Workplace

As society evolved, the concept of mentoring expanded beyond the workplace. Mentoring programs emerged in schools, communities, and various social settings to support personal growth, skill-building, and empowerment. Mentoring started to be recognized as a valuable tool for fostering well-rounded individuals and providing guidance and support in multiple aspects of life.

Did you know?

Did you know the concept of mentoring first appeared in Homer’s 'Odyssey'? When Odysseus went to fight the Trojan War, he left an old wise man, Mentor, to guide his son Telemachus. That’s right, our protagonists' wingman was literally named Mentor!


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