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We know you're wondering, 'What is National Maria Day?' Well, lucky for you, happened to stumble upon a few whispers, a couple of scrolls, and essentially, five mentions of this elusive 'Maria Day' throughout internet history. The whispers grew loudest on February 12th, so we've decided that's probably a good day to celebrate.

When is Maria Day?

It's national maria day on the 12th February.

An Introduction to an Enigma: National Maria Day

There are classics like National Dog Day, National Donut Day, and even National Dance Like a Chicken Day. But National Maria Day? Now, that's a rare gem in the annals of the internet. With just five mentions, tracing its origin is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Nonetheless, our trusty online detectives have delved deep to fathom this mystery.

The Mysterious 'Maria'

No definitive origin story exists for National Maria Day, but as the internet would have it, the mentions seem to peak around February 12th. One might assume this day celebrates all the wonderful Marias out there, named after one of the most popular female names worldwide. So if you know a Maria, or if you are a Maria, this might just be the day for you!

Celebrating National Maria Day

Given the elusive nature of National Maria Day, there aren't set rules on how to celebrate. Nonetheless, here are some suggestions: Call your friend Maria, or better yet, surprise her with a gift. You can make the day special for anyone named Maria. It's really the thought that counts! No Maria in your life? No problem. Celebrate by watching West Side Story or The Sound of Music. After all, who can resist the classic 'Maria' song? So let's raise a toast (or a musical note) to all the Marias in the world on February 12th.

History behind the term 'Maria'


Etymology and Religious Origins

The term 'maria' finds its roots in Latin, where it means 'seas' or 'waters.' During the medieval period, the term gained religious significance as it became associated with the Virgin Mary, who came to be referred to as 'Maria.' This connection with the Virgin Mary has had a profound cultural impact throughout history.


Naming of the Caribbean Sea

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set foot on the shores of the Americas and encountered the beautiful turquoise expanse of water, known today as the Caribbean Sea. Inspired by the religious connection, Columbus named this new sea 'Mar de las Antillas' (Sea of the Antilles) after the Virgin Mary, specifically referencing her title 'Our Lady of the Antilles.' This marked the first notable geographical feature to be named using the term 'maria.'


Moon's Craters Named 'Maria'

As telescopes improved their ability to observe celestial bodies, astronomers began to notice the large, dark areas on the lunar surface. Italian astronomer Giovanni Riccioli, in 1651, formally designated these regions as 'maria,' inspired once again by the water-like appearance and the religious connection. Over time, many specific craters within these lunar 'maria' were given names with 'maria' in their title, such as Mare Tranquillitatis (Sea of Tranquility) and Mare Imbrium (Sea of Showers). These names are still commonly used today in lunar studies and space exploration.


Discovery of the Ave Maria Hymn

In 1845, the Ave Maria hymn, also known as the Hail Mary, was set to music by French composer Charles Gounod. This musical adaptation of the traditional Catholic prayer became immensely popular, weaving its way into popular culture and inspiring countless renditions by renowned musicians. The hymn's title, 'Ave Maria,' further solidified the association of 'maria' with religious devotion and cultural significance.


Launch of the Mariner 9 Mission

The Mariner 9 spacecraft, launched by NASA in 1971, became the first spacecraft to orbit another planet, specifically Mars. As part of its mission, Mariner 9 captured detailed images of the Martian surface, showcasing vast volcanic plains and impact craters. Some of the large features were named 'maria' due to their resemblance to the lunar 'maria.' This wider usage of 'maria' beyond the Moon further expanded its cultural impact in the realm of space exploration.

Did you know?

Did you know that 'Maria' is one of the most popular baby names worldwide, and has its roots in Hebrew, Latin, and Egyptian languages? That's a lot of Marias to celebrate on National Maria Day!


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