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Grab your salt and lime! It's time to dive into the tangy world of National Margarita Day, a glorious celebration that had the internet stirred (not shaken) mostly on February 22nd, 2017 with 4813 zesty online mentions.

When is Marg Day?

It's national marg day on the 22nd February.

A Toast to the Margarita

Oh, the margarita. The queen of tequila cocktails, the master of beach vacation libations, the star of many a wild party tale. But how did this delightful blend of tequila, lime juice, and triple sec land itself a National Day celebration that once caused such a ruckus online?

Shaken Origins

The margarita's origins are as cloudy as a margarita mix in a blender, with different cocktail shakers claiming they served it first. Regardless of its uncertain birthplace, by the mid-20th century this cocktail had left its mark on the world of mixology.

Fiesta Time

On Feb 22, 2017, National Margarita Day took the internet by storm, with an outpouring of love and lime. From online get-togethers to virtual margarita-making masterclasses, the online world was swept up in a wave of tangy celebrations. Not just a customer favourite in bars and restaurants, it turns out the margarita has its own corner of the internet cocktail party too, and it's popular. Very popular.

Raise Your Glass

It really is amazing to stop and think about how a simple cocktail, a blend of a few key ingredients, can rally people together from different corners of the globe. Whether you take yours on the rocks or blended, with salt or without, it's clear that this cocktail has concocted a perfect storm of camaraderie and celebration.

History behind the term 'Marg'


The Origin of 'Margarine'

In 1890, the term 'margarine' emerged as a substitute for butter. It was invented by French chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès. The word 'margarine' is derived from the Greek word 'margarites,' meaning 'pearl-like,' referring to its pearly appearance. Mège-Mouriès developed margarine as a response to a competition launched by Emperor Napoleon III. The challenge was to create a substitute for butter that could be used by the French navy and lower-cost segments of society. Mège-Mouriès discovered a method to produce margarine using beef tallow and milk.


The Introduction of 'Margarin'

In 1902, the term 'margarin' started to gain popularity as Europeans recognized the value of this butter substitute. The Dutch were particularly keen on this manufactured spread and started using the term 'margarin' to refer to it. The simplified form of the term, without the final 'e,' became prevalent over time, leading to the modern term 'margarine.' The popularity of margarine grew rapidly due to its lower cost compared to butter, making it accessible to a broader range of consumers.


The Margarine vs. Butter Debate

During the 1920s, the margarine industry faced significant opposition from influential dairy farmers and lobbyists, as margarine threatened the butter industry's market dominance. This period saw intense debates and regulations surrounding margarine, with many countries implementing strict laws to control its production, sale, and even its color. Butter producers saw margarine as a direct threat to their livelihoods and fought hard to protect their market share.


The Spectral Margarine Color Law

In 1947, the United States introduced a law that required margarine to be dyed pink. This law aimed to visually differentiate margarine from butter, as butter manufacturers claimed that consumers were sometimes deceived by the resemblance between the two. The color requirement was later challenged and gradually relaxed as margarine's popularity continued to grow, leading to the eventual acceptance of margarine as a legitimate alternative to butter.


Margarine's Transformation and Innovation

In the early 2000s, margarine underwent significant transformation and innovation. Manufacturers started to develop margarines with reduced trans fats and improved nutritional profiles to cater to health-conscious consumers. Additionally, new margarine variants, such as spreadable, flavored, and plant-based options, were introduced to offer consumers a wider selection. Margarine continued to be a popular choice for those seeking a lower-cost alternative to butter or a specific dietary option.

Did you know?

Did you know 22nd February is also Library Lovers Day? Imagine flipping through a great book while sipping a margarita, sounds like the very peak of sophistication!


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