National Long Snapper Day

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Did you know that there is a National Long Snapper Day? Yes, that's right! Get ready to snap your fingers and celebrate the unsung heroes of the football field. Long snappers play a crucial role in a team's success, and on this special day, we honor their unique skills and contributions. So, grab your helmet and get ready to learn more about this special occasion!

When is Long Snapper Day?

It's national long snapper day on the 24th May.

The Origins of National Long Snapper Day

Like a perfectly executed long snap, the origins of National Long Snapper Day are shrouded in mystery and precision. While the exact date of its inception is unknown, online records show that the most mentions of this day occurred on May 24, 2015. It all started with the recognition that long snappers, who often go unnoticed, deserved their own moment in the spotlight.

What is a Long Snapper?

For those who may not be familiar with the term, a long snapper is a player who specializes in accurately snapping the ball between their legs to the punter or holder, usually during a punt or field goal attempt. This role requires immense skill, precision, and the ability to handle the pressure of delivering a perfect snap each time.

Why Celebrate National Long Snapper Day?

It is important to recognize the contribution of long snappers to the game of football. They may not receive as much attention as the quarterbacks or wide receivers, but they play a vital role in ensuring a smooth execution of plays. National Long Snapper Day serves as a reminder that every position on the field plays a part in achieving success.

How to Celebrate

So, how can you celebrate National Long Snapper Day? First and foremost, show your appreciation for the long snappers in your life. Whether they are professionals or amateurs, let them know how crucial their role is to the game. You can also spread awareness by sharing interesting facts about long snappers on social media. Who knows, you might inspire someone to take up this unique position!

Did You Know?

Did you know that Patrick Mannelly, a former long snapper for the Chicago Bears, spent a whopping 16 seasons in the NFL? Talk about dedication to the craft! This record-breaking career highlights the importance of precision in the long snapping role.

History behind the term 'Long Snapper'


The Emergence of Special Teams

In the 1970s, professional football teams began to acknowledge the importance of specialized players for various positions. This acknowledgment led to the emergence of special teams, whose sole purpose was to handle specific aspects of the game such as kicking and returning. With this specialization, the need for a specialized player to execute long snaps became apparent.


Introducing the Term 'Long Snapper'

The term 'long snapper' was first coined in 1974. As the name suggests, the long snapper is responsible for snapping the ball for long distance plays, typically on punts or field goals. This skillful player is required to snap the ball accurately and with enough speed to reach the holder or punter.


Growing Recognition and Importance

Throughout the 1980s, the role of the long snapper gained recognition and significance. Coaches and teams began to understand the impact that a proficient long snapper could have on the success of field goals, extra point kicks, and punts. The precision and consistency of the long snapper's snap became critical factors in the outcome of a play.


Rule Changes for Long Snappers

In 1994, the NFL implemented specific rules to protect long snappers during field goal attempts and punts. These rules prohibit opponents from crossing the line of scrimmage or initiating contact with the long snapper until he has a chance to protect himself. This recognition of the long snapper's vulnerability further solidified their importance within the game.


Specialized Training and Career Long Snappers

In recent years, the profession of long snapper has become increasingly specialized. Some players focus solely on perfecting their long snapping skills and dedicate their entire football career to this niche position. Long snappers undergo specific training and conditioning to improve their accuracy and speed, making them indispensable assets to their respective teams.

Did you know?

Did you know that Patrick Mannelly, a former long snapper for the Chicago Bears, spent a whopping 16 seasons in the NFL?


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