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Ever thought about thanking those who keep your lights on? Welcome to National Lineman Day! Celebrated annually on April 18, this day is not just about those who bend a linebacker, or block a defensive back. Instead, we’re throwing the spotlight on the unsung heroes who, equipped with tools and heavy-duty rubber gloves, work round the clock to fire up your households. Come rain or shine, hurricane or hail, these brave folks are working tirelessly (and literally) on the line.

When is Lineman Day?

It's national lineman day on the 19th April.

A Day to Recognize How Enlightening Their Job Really Is

Based on our data notched up at, we tracked down 2042 mentions of National Lineman Day in 2018 alone. The day is set apart to appreciate the hardworking folks who 'link' us with electricity. The numbers reached their peak on April 19, 2018. Guess the energy was running high on this day, huh?

The History of National Lineman Day

The U.S Senate officially recognized April 18th as National Lineman Day in 2013, dedicating the day to the men and women who maintain and install power lines across the nation. They do literal 'shocking' work, often bravely facing harsh weather and hazardous conditions. Let’s raise a mug (a hot cuppa joe, may we recommend?) to these absolute live wires!

How to Celebrate?

From a nod or a thank you to visiting a lineman museum, there are numerous ways you could show your recognition. You could whip up a batch of high-voltage cupcakes or maybe let your creativity spark with some electricity-themed artwork. Go ahead, light up their day with your appreciation. Y’know, like how they light up yours, every single day.

History behind the term 'Lineman'


The Birth of the Telegraph

The term 'lineman' finds its origins in the birth of the telegraph in 1849. The telegraph was a revolutionary communication system that transmitted messages over long distances using electric wires. To maintain and repair this extensive network, skilled workers were needed.


The Invention of the Telephone

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. This invention rapidly gained popularity and expanded the communication industry. As telephone lines were established and maintained, the need for specialized workers grew, giving rise to the term 'lineman' for the individuals who worked on the telephone lines.


Electrification and Power Lines

The advancement of electricity and the electrification of cities led to the development of power lines. As power grids expanded, workers were required to install and maintain these lines. These workers, often working at great heights, came to be known as 'linemen'.


Formation of the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

In 1891, the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (BEW) was founded, later becoming the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). This union played a vital role in the development and professionalization of workers in the electrical and communication industries, including linemen.

20th Century

Advancements in Power and Telecommunications

Throughout the 20th century, technological advancements in power generation, telecommunication systems, and infrastructure continued to increase the demand for skilled workers. Linemen played a crucial role in the expansion, maintenance, and repair of electrical grids, telephone lines, and now internet communication networks.


Modern Linemen

Today, linemen continue to be vital workers in the power and communication industries. They ensure the reliable transmission of electricity, telephone signals, and internet connectivity. Linemen are highly skilled and often face challenging working conditions with heights, extreme weather, and potential hazards, earning them respect and recognition for their important work.

Did you know?

Did you know that a Lineman’s job is often ranked among the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S? Shocking, but true!


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