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Tangy, sweet, and a folk hero in a glass, that's how we love our lemonade. Squeeze the calendar, because it's time for us to spill some zesty secrets about National Lemonade Day. A day when we roll out the yard stand, pour out the lemony goodness and celebrate a beverage that has been charming taste buds since ancient times.

When is Lemonade Day?

It's national lemonade day on the 20th August.

How did National Lemonade Day begin?

Has it ever occurred to you while sipping on that puckery sweetness, who first thought, 'Let's honor lemonade with its own day?' Well, although the exact origins are unclear, most agree that National Lemonade Day started gaining momentum around 2007 in the United States. It was fueled by the desire to encourage entrepreneurship among young kids, as lemonade stands have long been a hallmark of youthful business endeavours.

When life gives you lemons ... and a major spotlight

Despite being celebrated for several years, the day truly squeezed into the limelight on August 20, 2015. That day, we recorded a whopping 6867 online mentions about National Lemonade Day. The Internet turned an ocean of yellow, with everyone from A-list celebrities, chefs, lifestyle bloggers, to good ol' folks at home, sharing their lemonade concoctions and childhood lemonade stand memories.

How to celebrate National Lemonade Day?

Is there a right way to toast to our tart companion? Sure, as long as there's lemonade involved. Start a lemonade stand, attempt a new lemonade recipe (hint: mix-in a bit of lavender or basil), host a lemonade tasting party or just grab a glass and remind your taste buds why they fell in love with this sunny delight.

History behind the term 'Lemonade'

800 AD

Early Origins

Lemonade's history can be traced back to as early as the 9th century when it was first introduced in the Middle East. The earliest known version of lemonade was a simple drink made from lemon juice, water, and sugar. Its refreshing taste gained popularity in Arab countries and quickly spread to Europe through trade routes.


Lemonade Recipe in Print

The first recorded lemonade recipe was published in England in 1663, in a book titled "The Parson's Wedding." The recipe called for lemons, water, and honey or sugar. This publication brought the concept of lemonade to a wider audience and increased its popularity in Europe.


Carbonated Lemonade

In 1845, an American scientist and pharmacist named Dr. Samuel S. Schmucker invented a machine for carbonating water. This invention revolutionized the beverage industry, including the production of lemonade. Carbonated lemonade, also known as fizzy lemonade, quickly became a popular variation of the traditional still lemonade.


Lemonade Stands

The concept of lemonade stands originated in the United States during the late 19th century. Children would set up small stands to sell cups of homemade lemonade, often during hot summer days. Lemonade stands became a symbol of entrepreneurship and a way for children to earn some pocket money while delighting their customers with a refreshing beverage.


Lemonade at the St. Louis World's Fair

Lemonade gained significant popularity at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904. It was a featured drink at the fair, and vendors served enormous quantities of the refreshing beverage to the visitors. The success of lemonade at the World's Fair helped solidify its status as a beloved summertime drink.


Powdered Lemonade Mixes

As convenience products grew in popularity, powdered lemonade mixes were introduced in the 1970s. These mixes, often sold in small pouches, made it easier for people to enjoy lemonade by simply adding water. Powdered lemonade mixes became a convenient option for picnics, camping trips, and quick refreshment.

Present Day

Lemonade Variations and International Popularity

In the present day, lemonade has expanded beyond its original recipe to include various flavors, such as pink lemonade (typically colored and flavored with added fruits like strawberries or raspberries). Lemonade has become a popular choice worldwide, enjoyed in countless countries, often associated with sunny days, picnics, and summer festivities.

Did you know?

Did you know that lemonade was a favorite amongst the Egyptian pharaohs? They believed that this concoction of crushed lemons, dates, and honey, was the perfect refreshment to beat the desert heat.


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