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Hold your mouse? Nah, place the frying pan handle to the left? Double nah. Congratulations left-handers, your day of vindication is at hand (pun intended!)! National Left Handers Day is your moment to bask in the ambidextrous glory of being that special 10% of the population! Away with those right-handed desk woes, let's dive into the history and frolics of this versatile day.

When is Left Handers Day?

It's national left handers day on the 13th August.

The Origin of National Left Handers Day

The world began tilting respectfully to the left on 13th August 1976 when National Left Handers Day was first observed. Created by Dean R. Campbell, founder of The Left Handers Club, this day was curated to raise awareness about the practical difficulties faced by left-handers in a predominantly right-handed world.

Popularity on the Internet

The internet spun on its left axis on 13th August 2015. As our data suggests, a whopping 12563 mentions were tracked online, leading to leaping left-handed heartbeats! From inspirational Twitter threads to joyful YouTube vlogs, left-handers found their rightly deserved spot in the digital arena.

The Celebration

How do we laud the lefties, you ask? From fun sports events played the left-handed way to warm posts remembering prominent left-handed individuals, the celebrations are as zippy as they're heartfelt. Some supportive folks even spend the day doing activities using their left hand, resulting in hilarious and endearing attempts at sketches and handwriting.

The Impact

Apart from the well-deserved fun, National Left Handers Day adds a tickle of awareness about the little-seen hardships faced by the left-handed, be it using conventional kitchen utensils or the dearth of left-handed desks. The day prompts positive discussions encouraging inclusivity and consideration, striking a high note.

History behind the term 'Left Handers'


The Term is Coined

In 1899, the term 'left handers' was coined to refer to people who predominantly used their left hand for everyday tasks. This term was used to distinguish them from the majority of the population who are right-handed. It became a way to categorize and recognize this minority group with a unique identifier.


International Left-Handers Day

In 1976, the first International Left-Handers Day was observed on August 13th. This day was established to raise awareness about the challenges faced by left-handed individuals in a predominantly right-handed world. It aimed to celebrate their uniqueness and highlight the need for greater inclusivity and equal treatment. Since then, this day has been celebrated annually to promote left-handed pride and understanding.


Scientific Research Reveals Brain Differences

In 1986, scientific research started shedding light on the neurological differences between left-handed and right-handed individuals. Studies found that left-handed individuals tend to have a higher degree of brain asymmetry, particularly in the areas related to language processing and manual dexterity. These findings provided a deeper understanding of the physiological factors behind left-handedness and debunked previous misconceptions or stigmas associated with being left-handed.


Increasing Accommodations in Society

By 1997, society began to recognize the importance of accommodating left-handers. Various products and tools designed specifically for left-handed individuals became more readily available. From left-handed scissors to left-handed guitars, these specialized items aimed to make daily tasks easier and more comfortable for this minority group. This shift in awareness and accessibility paved the way for a more inclusive society.


The Influence of Left-Handed Achievers

In recent years, left-handed individuals have achieved remarkable success and made significant contributions in various fields. Well-known left-handed achievers include Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey, among many others. Their accomplishments have not only inspired future generations of left-handers but also shattered stereotypes and reinforced that being left-handed doesn't limit one's potential. The achievements of left-handers serve as a testament to the diverse talents and capabilities of this group.

Did you know?

Did you know that all polar bears are left-handed- or should we say left-pawed? Now that's a cool fact to slide into your next conversation!


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