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Well, well, well, aren't we feeling a little left out today? That's right! It's time we do justice to the ten percent of the population who were 'left' behind. Here's to paying tribute to every leftie out there on National Left Handed Day. Come join us through this light-hearted journey celebrating our left-handed comrades in this right-handed world.

When is Left Handed Day?

It's national left handed day on the 13th August.

The Left Handed Legacy

Currently intriguing 4508 digital mentions, National Left Handed Day got its most clicks on August 13, 2015 - solidifying its position in the hall of fame for the socially aware. Designed to celebrate the uniqueness and differences of the left handers, this day got created on the internet to instigate an awareness campaign to educate right handers about the difficulties of being a 'lefty'. Particularly, can openers and scissors.

The Leftie Struggle Is Real

Choosing left corners in class, dealing with the ink smudges on their beloved homework, left handers have a tough life indeed. But there’s a silver lining too! Left-handedness has been associated with increased creativity, outbox thinking and an above-average presence among geniuses. Figures like Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, and even our most notorious artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, are all part of the Left brigade.

Internet Celebration of Lefties

The internet loves its black sheep, and left-handers are no exception. While digital mentions rise on National Left Handed Day, users share their stories, jokes and even struggles about being leftie, creating a sense of camaraderie and mutual appreciation among the 'Leftorium'. Twitter has even seen some quirky hashtags like #lefthandersday and #leftiesunite gaining steam on this day.

History behind the term 'Left Handed'

1500 BCE

Early Evidence

The term 'left-handed' traces its origins to around 1500 BCE, where early evidence of humans favoring their left hand can be found in cave art and artifacts from ancient civilizations. These fragments suggest that left-handedness has existed for thousands of years and played a role in early human societies.

Ancient Greece (5th century BCE)

Negative Connotations

In ancient Greece, the term 'left-handed' carried negative connotations. The word 'sinister,' which comes from the Latin word for 'left,' originally meant 'unlucky' or 'inauspicious.' The Greeks associated left-handedness with being malicious or deceptive.

Middle Ages (5th-15th century CE)

Religious Beliefs

During the Middle Ages, left-handedness was viewed through a religious lens. It was commonly believed that the devil favored the left hand, resulting in left-handed individuals being associated with evil or witchcraft. Many left-handed people were forced to use their right hand instead.

Scientific Understanding (19th century CE)

Scientific Interest

In the 19th century, scientific interest in left-handedness emerged. Researchers began studying the phenomenon, attempting to explain its causes and effects. This period marked a shift from superstition and prejudice to scientific curiosity and exploration.

20th Century

Recognition and Acceptance

Throughout the 20th century, attitudes towards left-handedness started to change. The scientific community recognized left-handedness as a natural variation within human populations rather than a defect or abnormality. Schools and institutions gradually abandoned attempts to force left-handed individuals to use their right hand.

Present Day

Celebrating Left-Handedness

In the present day, left-handedness is celebrated and embraced. Left-Handers Day, observed annually on August 13th, honors the uniqueness and contributions of left-handed individuals. Many famous artists, musicians, athletes, and leaders throughout history have been left-handed, showcasing the incredible talents possessed by this minority.

Did you know?

Did you know? Left-handed individuals are also called 'Southpaws'. This term originated in baseball to describe a left-handed pitcher.


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