National Lash Day

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Hold onto your mascara wands, folks! It's National Lash Day, a day that provides a unique twist in the multitude of national celebrations. Noticed a significantly higher number of batting eyelashes on your way to work? Don’t be alarmed! It’s the flourishing beauty of National Lash Day, celebrated annually on February 19th.

When is Lash Day?

It's national lash day on the 19th February.

Rise and Shine, It's Flutter Time!

As per our data, the National Lash Day 'bat-a-lash' moment with a flurry of 5611 cyber-mentions happened on 19th February 2017. It's all about recognizing the beauty of eyelashes, universally loved for their protective and decorative roles. Whether you’re a pro at applying strip lashes or you prefer the nifty mascara wand, this day is an ode to those darn fluffy fringes that transform your eyes from minimalist to magnetic in a heartbeat.

Lashes: The Magic Fringe Indeed!

Essentially a recognition of our undying love for lashes and all lash-enchantments, this day reminds us that it's not just about making a fashion statement, but also about caring for and maintaining the health of these delicate facets. Spend this Lash-day by spoiling yourself or your loved ones with quality lash care products, or make a trip to the spa, to give them the royal treatment they deserve.

Flutter those Lashes!

Want to know how you can celebrate? Treat yourself to a new mascara or that false lash set you've been eyeing, share some lash-care tips with friends, or even show off the magic fringe with a social media flutter. No matter what you do, remember to thank your lovely lashes for playing such a crucial role in your ocular health while enhancing your enigmatic gaze.

Did you know?

Did you know the longest eyelashes recorded by Guiness World Records stretch an astonishing 12.4 cm? That's some serious lash game!


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