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Ever pondered over a glass of beer, about the idea of a day that celebrates Lager and all its frothy goodness? Your prayers have been heard, beer aficionados! Welcome to our fun-filled tour of National Lager Day, a day dedicated to toasting the malty satisfaction of lagers worldwide.

When is Lager Day?

It's national lager day on the 10th December.

A Brew-tiful Celebration: National Lager Day

Documents reveal National Lager Day has been celebrated from around 2015 according to our cyber sleuths. With a whopping 2336 mentions online, Dec 10th, 2015 seems to have been a landmark year and a day for Lager celebration. The beer glasses were clinked more on the internet than they had ever been, making it a day to be remembered in the annals of beer history.

What's on Tap?

Lager, derived from the German word 'lagern', which means 'to store', is a type of beer conditioned at low temperatures. Known for its crisp, clean taste, it's the go-to refreshment for many who seek solace at the end of a tiring day.

Cheers to Tradition!

Interestingly, the traditional method of lagering involves storing the beer in cool cellars for several weeks or even months. This slow fermentation method brings out the beer's rich flavor and clean aftertaste. Perhaps preparing an article about National Lager Day takes a similar analogy: a few weeks of gathering data, brewing up the words and voila, here we are!

How to Celebrate?

An article about National Lager Day wouldn't be complete if we didn't suggest ways to commemorate the day. Why not visit your local brewery to discover how lagers are crafted? Or perhaps head to a pub, raise a glass and pay tribute to your favourite lager! For those who prefer to stay home, try pairing your lager with favorite dishes like grilled chicken, barbecued ribs or spicy seafood for a delectable National Lager Day feast!

History behind the term 'Lager'


Birth of Lager

In 1842, the term 'lager' was born in the city of Plzeň (Pilsen), located in what is now the Czech Republic. A visionary brewer named Josef Groll combined new brewing techniques with local ingredients to create a refreshing and light beer that would come to be known as 'lager'. The key innovation was the use of bottom-fermenting yeast, which allowed the beer to be brewed at cooler temperatures and matured for extended periods.


Spread across Europe

During the 1850s, the lager revolution began to take Europe by storm. The beer's popularity soared as its smooth and crisp flavor captivated the tastebuds of drinkers. Brewers around the continent started adopting the bottom-fermenting method and producing their own versions of lager. The term 'lager' quickly became synonymous with this new style of beer and the brewing technique it represented.


Adapting to the American Market

In 1873, a group of German immigrants led by Adolphus Busch established the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. They brought the lager brewing tradition with them and adapted it to suit the American market. To keep up with the growing demand, they introduced advancements in refrigeration and created a lighter and slightly sweeter version of lager, now famously known as Budweiser.

20th Century

Global Dominance

Throughout the 20th century, the popularity of lager continued to skyrocket. It became the beer of choice for people worldwide, surpassing traditional ale and other beer styles in many countries. Major breweries emerged, such as Heineken and Stella Artois, further solidifying lager's dominance in the global beer market. The term 'lager' became universally recognized and synonymous with pale, well-carbonated beer.


Variety and Craft Lagers

In recent years, the lager landscape has expanded to include a wide variety of styles and craft brews. Craft breweries have put their own spin on lagers, experimenting with different ingredients and brewing techniques, resulting in flavorful and unique offerings. While the classic pale lager remains popular, beer enthusiasts can now explore a plethora of lager styles, including bocks, helles, pilsners, and more. The term 'lager' continues to evolve and excite beer lovers worldwide.

Did you know?

Did you know? Among beer types, lager stands out for its method of brewing - it's fermented and conditioned at lower temperatures than its beer siblings!


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