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Come one, come all! Gather round, fellow internet citizens, for a truly paw-some celebration - National Kitten Day! A day shrouded in mystery, like that elusive red laser dot. How did it evolve? Where did it come from? And why on earth do we love those fluffy bundles of cuteness so much? We're not kitten around, let's jump into the thick of it.

When is Kitten Day?

It's national kitten day on the 10th July.

History of National Kitten Day

So, the big question, is this just a day for the internet to flood itself with adorable kitten photos? Yes. Yes, it really is. But who are we to say no? The origins of National Kitten Day, while not exactly as ancient as the sands of Egypt, dates back to 2013 when Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert, decided kittens deserved their own dedicated day of appreciation. And boy, did we agree wholeheartedly.

Popular Crafters of the Internet Fill the Web with Love

At the height of its popularity on July 10, 2020, our data clocked a staggering 9123 mentions of National Kitten Day online! Frankly, we're shocked it wasn't more. From the corners of Reddit, to the hashtags of Instagram, kittens were the stars, outshining even the most viral memes. They sharpened their claws on YouTube's heartstrings and soft-pawed their way to Twitter’s trending section.

Why We Celebrate National Kitten Day

Why do we celebrate National Kitten Day, you ask? Well, besides being an excuse for posting several (hundred) pictures of kittens, the day also serves a more serious purpose. It advocates for the adoption of stray and homeless kittens who need a loving, forever home. There's a definite 'aww' factor here, but it's coupled with an awareness agenda that truly deserves applause.

History behind the term 'Kitten'


Old English presence

The term 'kitten' can be traced back to around 1340 in Old English, where it was spelled 'kitoun' or 'kittene'. During this time, the word referred to a young cat. It is believed to be derived from the Old Norse word 'ketlingr', meaning 'a young low-born cat'.


Colonial America and increased usage

As English settlers arrived in Colonial America during the 1600s, the term 'kitten' continued to be used and gained popularity. The adorable and playful nature of young cats made them favorites among early settlers, and the term 'kitten' became well-known and commonly used.


Cultural references in literature

During the 19th century, references to kittens became prevalent in literature and various works of art. Renowned authors like Lewis Carroll, author of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', included charming kitten characters in their stories, further solidifying the term's cultural impact.


Kitten as a term of endearment

In the late 19th century, 'kitten' started to be used as an affectionate term to describe someone, often a young woman, who was charming, playful, or attractive. This usage reinforced the association between the term 'kitten' and youthfulness, cuteness, and liveliness.

20th century

Popularity in modern culture

Throughout the 20th century, 'kitten' maintained its popularity and became a common term for young cats. It was also used as a term of endearment, often referring to a person, particularly in romantic or casual relationships. The term became deeply ingrained in popular culture, reflected in songs, movies, and even fashion choices.

Did you know?

Did you know that in just seven years, one unspayed cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 kittens? Now that's a LOT of kitty litter!


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