National Kiss Your Crush Day

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So, have you been waiting for that perfect moment to plant a smooch on your crush? Here's some lip-smacking news: October 19th is National Kiss Your Crush Day! Who knew, right? Well, we did, and you're about to get the sweet, hilarious scoop on this day that’s all about puckering up for the person who makes your heart skip a beat.

When is Kiss Your Crush Day?

It's national kiss your crush day on the 19th October.

Internet History Behind National Kiss Your Crush Day

So how did National Kiss Your Crush Day become a thing? Well, the online history trail shows up to 1864 mentions, with people puckering up and sharing their smitten stories all over cyberspace. The day of love and bravery reached its peak mention on October 19, 2016, making a lot of people assume that's the day!

What's on the lips?

Okay, the rules for this day are simple: on October 19th, you're meant to muster up the courage to throw caution to the wind and plant a peck on the person you've been crushing on. Cue dramatic music, right?

But remember, folks, this day relies on plucking up your courage, but always respecting the other person's feelings. It's about spreading love and cheer, not making someone feel uncomfortable. We're all adults here and consent is a must. So if you're hoping for some smooch-filled adventures, make sure it’s welcome.

Getting ready for the Big Day

Now, how do you prepare for such a day? Well, brushing up on your dental hygiene would be a good start. Or perhaps practicing puckering up to avoid any mishaps? And let's not forget the breath mints!

Beyond that, building up your confidence is crucial. You don't want to turn up and then turn chicken at the last moment, after all. This day is an opportunity to convey your feelings, and maybe turn that crush into something more. Who knows?

A Symbolic Gesture

It's not just about the kiss though, it's about mustering courage, showing affection, and who knows, maybe kick-starting a romance. So this October 19th, get ready to dive into something new and exciting.

Remember, true love starts with a sincere gesture. So go ahead, make your gesture this National Kiss Your Crush Day.

History behind the term 'Kiss Your Crush'


The Birth of 'Kiss'

The term 'kiss' originated from the Old English word 'cyssan', which was derived from the Proto-Germanic word 'kussijanan'. This ancient word referred to a gesture of respect or subjugation. In the 1700s, during the Romantic era, the act of kissing began to be associated with romance, love, and affection.


The Art of Flirting

In the 1920s, flirting became a popular art form, especially among young people. Kissing one's crush became a way to express interest and attraction, and it was often seen as a daring and exciting act. The idea of kissing someone you were attracted to gained prominence in popular culture, particularly in movies, literature, and music of the time.


Teenage Love and Post-War Romance

The 1950s marked a significant shift in the perception of teenage love and romance. During this time, teenagers gained more independence and freedom, and dating became a common practice among young people. Kissing your crush became an essential part of the dating ritual, symbolizing affection and budding romance. This trend was heavily influenced by post-war optimism and the evolving youth culture of the time.


The Sexual Revolution

The 1960s brought about a revolution in attitudes towards sex and relationships. The sexual liberation movement challenged societal norms and encouraged sexual exploration and freedom. Kissing your crush took on a more passionate and intimate meaning, reflecting the changing attitudes towards physical relationships. The term 'kiss your crush' became synonymous with expressing desire, attraction, and a willingness to explore one's sexuality.


Modern-Day Expressions of Love

In the present day, 'kiss your crush' continues to be a phrase that encapsulates the excitement and nervousness of expressing romantic feelings. With advances in technology and the rise of social media, virtual kisses have also become common, allowing people to convey their affection even from a distance. While the cultural significance of kissing remains strong, the term has evolved to encompass various forms of expressing love and attraction in our modern, interconnected world.

Did you know?

Did you know that kissing not only boosts your happy hormones but also helps reduce stress levels? So, a little PDA not only gets you possibly closer to bae but also improves your overall wellbeing. Win-win, isn’t it?


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