National Kiss A Ginger Day

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Pucker up, folks—it's time for some fiery festivities! Frolicking in freckles has never been more fashionable! Welcome to National Kiss a Ginger Day, a holiday that's hotter than cayenne and twice as fun. This kiss-and-tell tribute has people warming up their lips and embracing their ginger pals in a unique assertion of affection. Don't worry, no one will judge if you suddenly feel compelled to hug a carrot.

When is Kiss A Ginger Day?

It's national kiss a ginger day on the 12th January.

A Peck of History

First observed in the wake of South Park's episode 'Ginger Kids,' National Kiss a Ginger Day was created to counteract the torrent of 'Kick a Ginger Day' 'festivities.' Surrey (UK) resident Derek Forgie launched the day on Facebook in 2009 to counteract this negativity, and it hit the ground skipping ever since. Now we can all agree it's way more enjoyable to kiss someone than to kick them, right?

The Ginger Revolution

On 12th January 2016, National Kiss a Ginger Day hit a high point with 8708 mentions online. It seems to have seized the hearts, minds, and lips, of the global public, and they weren't shy about sharing their enthusiasm. From pecks on cheeks to passionate smooches, gingers worldwide felt an uncanny, overwhelming affection from both friends and strangers.

Ginger: More than a Hair Color

Possessing ginger locks is like carrying a vibrant sunset on your head. It's a color of warmth, of dancing flames, of spirited personality. It's not just a color - it's an attitude! This day not only celebrates that, but also challenges us all to think differently about the beauty that lies in diversity.

Ready for a Ginger Jamboree?

This day isn't just for born gingers. It's a call to grab that hair dye or don that red wig, and let's all be gingers for the day. Because if there's a day where we can all bask in the beautiful blaze that makes gingers unique, why not join in the fun?

History behind the term 'Kiss A Ginger'


South Park ignites the flame

In 2005, the popular animated TV show South Park aired an episode titled 'Ginger Kids.' The episode featured a character named Cartman giving a speech about the fictional condition called 'gingervitis,' which turned children into red-haired, pale-skinned, and light-eyed individuals. This episode marked the first significant appearance of the term 'ginger' as a reference to redheads.


Kiss a Ginger Day is born

Two years after the South Park episode, a Facebook group called 'Kiss a Ginger Day' was started by a Canadian man named Derek Forgie. The group aimed to combat the negative portrayal of redheads by encouraging people to show appreciation for gingers on January 12th every year. The group gained significant attention, leading to the spread of the term 'kiss a ginger' in popular culture.


Backlash and controversies

Following the rise of 'Kiss a Ginger Day,' there were instances of mockery and bullying towards red-haired individuals, particularly in schools. This led to backlash and controversies surrounding the term, with some arguing that it perpetuates stereotypes and encourages discrimination. Despite the criticisms, the term continued to be used, albeit with mixed intentions.


Positive spin-off with National Love Your Red Hair Day

In response to the controversies around 'Kiss a Ginger Day,' another Facebook group called 'National Love Your Red Hair Day' was created. This new day aimed to celebrate red-haired individuals and promote self-love among redheads. It encouraged people to embrace their ginger hair and showcase its uniqueness, fostering a more positive perspective on redheads.


Continued recognition and awareness

Today, the term 'kiss a ginger' is still used in various contexts, sometimes seen as a lighthearted way to appreciate redheads and other times criticized for its potential to perpetuate stereotypes. The larger impact of the term has been the increased recognition and awareness of the experiences and struggles faced by red-haired individuals. The discussions around 'kiss a ginger' have prompted dialogues about inclusivity, discrimination, and embracing diversity in society.

Did you know?

Did you know that less than 2% of the population has natural red hair? Gingers are incredibly rare unicorns in the grand spectrum of humanity.


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