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Hello fellow internet explorers! Take a pause from all your scrolling and join us on a voyage to a day that celebrates our favourite, adorable pink puffball — National Kirby Day! Want to discover its roots on the internet, or perhaps it's simply your curiosity about why this adorable character has a day to its name? Well, buckle up, because we are about to embark on a fun journey!

When is Kirby Day?

It's national kirby day on the 17th February.

History of National Kirby Day

No, we're not talking about the heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, but the rotund, pink character from the Nintendo universe! National Kirby Day fisrst caught the internet's attention in 2017 with a surprising total of 10 mentions! On February 17th of that same year, the mentions peaked giving us a strong hunch that maybe, just maybe, this charming fellow shares his celebration with another popular event - Random Acts of Kindness Day! Coincidence, or was this our globular hero's way of spreading some extra love that day? We may never know for certain.

Let's Talk About Kirby

Brought into existence by Masahiro Sakurai at Nintendo's HAL Laboratory, Kirby started charming gamers across the globe from the moment he wobbled into the gaming scene in 1992. His sweet nature coupled with his unique ability to inhale enemies and acquire their powers made him an immediate crowd-pleaser. Kirby's nimble-footed adventures across the gaming universe, engulfing baddies and becoming a veritable shape-shifter, have made him a beloved figure in the gaming community and beyond.

Celebrating National Kirby Day

To celebrate National Kirby Day, fans across the globe dive back into their favourite games from the Kirby series, don old Kirby-themed attire or even bake adorable Kirby-faced cookies! The core of this day is simple: share the love and appreciation for this adorable, power-packing puffball. So grab your game controllers, dust off those old Nintendo games and let's all say a big, heartfelt 'Poyo!' to our pink friend on his special day.

History behind the term 'Kirby'


The Birth of the Kirby Character

In 1972, the renowned comic book artist, Jack Kirby, introduced a new character in the pages of Marvel Comics. This character, which would eventually become known as 'Kirby', possessed incredible superpowers and a unique visual design. With his distinctive square jawline and muscular physique, Kirby quickly became a beloved figure in the comic book world.


Kirby's Cultural Impact Grows

By the 1980s, Kirby had made a significant impact on popular culture. The character's popularity transcended comic books and found its way into other mediums such as cartoons and video games. Kirby's image became widely recognized and associated with a sense of strength and heroism.


Kirby's Name Creeps into Vernacular

In the 1990s, the name 'Kirby' began to seep into the vernacular, extending beyond its original association with the comic book character. People started using 'Kirby' as a term to describe someone who possessed boundless enthusiasm, strength, and an unwavering positive attitude. It became a way to compliment and celebrate individuals who exuded these qualities.


Online Communities Embrace 'Kirby'

With the rise of the internet and online communities, the term 'Kirby' gained further traction. Online forums, social media platforms, and gaming communities adopted 'Kirby' as a nickname or username, often reflecting the user's cheerful and upbeat nature. This digital proliferation helped spread the cultural significance of 'Kirby' to a global audience.


Kirby's Legacy Continues

Today, the term 'Kirby' remains prevalent in popular culture, transcending its origins as a comic book character. It has become a symbol of positivity, strength, and resilience. Whether referencing the original character or simply using 'Kirby' to describe an individual's personality, the term continues to serve as a testament to the enduring impact of the beloved Jack Kirby and his iconic creation.

Did you know?

Did you know? Kirby was originally named 'Popopo' and was planned to be a blob placeholder character during the game development! It seems Kirby rolled right into the developers' hearts and dodged the name change bullet!


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