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Welcome to the adventures of National Karen Day! No, don’t panic, this day has nothing to do with having to summon the manager. This is a celebration of all the amazing Karens out there who don't fit the typical meme stereotype.

When is Karen Day?

It's national karen day on the 15th June.

A Dip into the Digital Archives

We've clocked up an interesting 190 mentions of National Karen Day across the interwebs. The loudest buzz was spotted on the 15th of June 2020. One might think this day emerged as a response to all the Karen memes floating around. However, it’s more of a celebration of the 'Karens' who whimsically break the stereotype, showing that not every Karen wants to speak to the manager!

Perfectly Imperfect Karens

Beyond the memes and the jesting, National Karen Day helps remind us that a name doesn’t define a character. Everyone named Karen isn’t automatically detail-obsessed, nor are they constantly demanding. This day celebrates actual Karens who bring joy, kindness, and warmth to our lives.

Give The Karens a Break!

On National Karen Day, it’s time to put a stop to the name-shaming and instead highlight all the wonderful Karens adding sparkle to our lives. Many Karens out there are lovely, so let's not let a meme define hundreds of thousands of awesome people!

Getting Involved

One of the best ways to celebrate this day is to show appreciation to the Karens in your life. Send them a text, give them a call, or share a happily tagged #NationalKarenDay post. Let’s fill the internet with positive vibes and change the narrative!

History behind the term 'Karen'


The Birth of Karen

The term 'Karen' was first coined in 2014 in a popular online Reddit forum called 'Fuck-You-Karen' or 'r/FuckYouKaren'. It was used to describe entitled, demanding, and difficult women who display obnoxious behavior, especially in retail or customer service settings. The name 'Karen' was chosen as a generic and easily recognizable name, representing the stereotype of these types of individuals.


The origin of the name 'Karen'

The name 'Karen' originated as a given name that was popularized in the 1940s and 1950s. It was derived from a Danish diminutive of Katherine, which means 'pure'. There is no significant cultural association or negative connotation with the name during this time period.


Karen meme emerges

In 2017, the 'Karen' meme gained traction on online platforms, particularly Reddit. The initial usage of the term referred to a stereotypical entitled middle-aged white woman, often characterized by their demanding and rude behavior, particularly towards customer service workers. The term 'Karen' as a meme was not limited to any specific country or region.


Karen Goes Viral

In 2019, the term 'Karen' gained significant traction and popularity as numerous videos went viral on social media showing confrontations involving entitled and rude individuals. These videos often featured women exhibiting behavior that aligned with the 'Karen' archetype, such as demanding to speak to managers, making unreasonable demands, and causing public disturbances. The term quickly became a meme and was widely used to describe such behavior across various online platforms.


Karen Becomes Social Commentary

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the term 'Karen' experienced another surge in popularity. As lockdowns and social distancing measures were implemented, videos surfaced depicting women refusing to comply with guidelines or berating others for following safety protocols. The term 'Karen' became closely associated with those who disregarded public health measures, spurring discussions and debates about privilege and entitlement.


Karen meme evolves during the pandemic

The 'Karen' meme took on a new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. It began to be associated with people refusing to follow public health guidelines and becoming confrontational when asked to wear masks or maintain social distancing. The term became widely used on social media and in the news to refer to those who opposed or disregarded pandemic safety measures.


Beyond the Stereotype

While initially associated with entitled behavior in customer service or COVID-related incidents, 'Karen' has since evolved to represent a broader concept. It has become a catch-all term for individuals, regardless of gender, who display contentious and demanding behavior, often using their perceived authority to assert dominance or control. The term 'Karen' has permeated popular culture, leading to the creation of memes, jokes, and even Halloween costumes.


Broader critique of 'Karen' meme

As the 'Karen' meme grew in popularity, there was a growing discussion around the potential sexism and racial undertones associated with it. Some argued that the meme disproportionately targeted white women and was a manifestation of broader societal issues. The use of the term 'Karen' also drew attention to the racial dynamics of entitlement and microaggressions. This led to a nuanced conversation about the impact and appropriateness of using the term.

Did you know?

Within the mountain of negative Karen-related content, there's a wholesome Karen out there who started a hashtag #NotAllKarens, a friendly reminder that many kindly Karens are nothing like the stereotype!


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