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Hold onto your hats (or rather, your shorts) folks, because we're about to dive into one of the more charmingly eccentric days of our online world: National Jockstrap Day! Mentioned 2477 times and peaking on May 2nd, 2020, it seems people around the globe just couldn't stop gabbing about this, err... unique undergarment phenomenon.

When is Jockstrap Day?

It's national jockstrap day on the 2nd May.

History of the Day

Just when you start to believe you've seen it all, the internet comes out with National Jockstrap Day. Begging the questions: who? what? and more specifically, why? This quirky day seemingly flew under the radar until its exponential mention growth in May 2020. The inventors of this day might remain unnamed, but their vision of celebrating this particular piece of sports equipment continues to gather fans worldwide.

What's a jockstrap, anyway?

For those of us living blissfully unaware, a jockstrap is a type of undergarment primarily worn by athletes. It provides support and protects the sensitive areas during physical activity. Quite possibly the MVP of underpants!

Celebrating in Style

The charm of National Jockstrap Day lies in its proponents' enthusiasm and humor. Thousands of sports fans, fitness enthusiasts, and fans of the quirky celebrate this day by sharing hilarious posts, organizing friendly sport tournaments, and even designing colorful, one-of-a-kind jockstraps. Nothing says 'I appreciate you' quite like a sequined jockstrap!

On a Serious Note

Despite its humorous undertones, National Jockstrap Day also serves as a reminder of the importance of sports safety. After all, in the midst of laughter and fun, we should also take a moment to appreciate the simple yet crucial role these nifty garments play in our favorite sports activities.

History behind the term 'Jockstrap'


Invention of the athletic supporter

In 1874, a Chicago sports goods company called Sharp & Smith revolutionized the athletic world by introducing the first modern jockstrap, which was originally known as an athletic supporter. Designed to support and protect the male genitals during strenuous physical activities, it quickly gained popularity among athletes and became an essential part of their athletic gear.


The term 'jockstrap' comes into use

By the early 20th century, the term 'jockstrap' had emerged as a popular colloquial term for the athletic supporter. The term derived from the slang word 'jock,' which was commonly used to refer to an athlete. The addition of 'strap' emphasized the function of the garment, which comprised an elasticized waistband and supporting straps for the genitals.


Patent for the 'jockstrap'

In 1927, the first patent for a jockstrap was issued to C.F. Bennett, a prolific inventor and entrepreneur. His patent showcased an improved design featuring an adjustable waistband and reinforced pouch. This patent helped standardize the production and design of jockstraps, leading to increased availability and adoption of the garment among athletes.


Jockstraps become a cultural icon

During the 1950s, jockstraps became more than just a functional garment; they became a cultural icon. They were prominently featured in popular culture, especially in advertisements for men's underwear and athletic products. The rise of mainstream sports and the increased focus on physical fitness further solidified the jockstrap's association with athleticism and masculinity.

Late 20th century

Evolution and diversification of jockstrap designs

As time progressed, jockstraps underwent various improvements and modifications. Different manufacturers experimented with materials, waistband styles, and pouch designs to cater to specific sports and individual preferences. Some jockstraps even integrated cup protectors for additional safety in contact sports like baseball and hockey. This diversification allowed athletes to choose jockstraps that suited their needs and offered optimal support and comfort.

Modern era

Jockstraps beyond athletics

In the modern era, jockstraps have expanded beyond their original purpose in athletics. They have found utility in medical applications, such as hernia support, and have gained popularity as a provocative and fetishized item in certain communities. Despite technological advancements in sports apparel, jockstraps continue to be valued for their unparalleled support and comfort, making them a lasting piece of athletic history.

Did you know?

Did you know that the jockstrap was originally invented in 1874 in Chicago, as a bicycle delivery men's protective undergarment? Talk about a safeguard that's been 'supporting' us for ages!


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