National Joanna Day

A group of diverse individuals named Joanna, representing different cultures and backgrounds, happily posing together in colorful outfits, celebrating National Joanna Day. Some are wearing traditional clothing, while others are in modern styles. The background scene features a beautiful park with vibrant flowers and blue skies, symbolizing the diversity and unity of Joannas worldwide..
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Jo out there named Joanna, it appears you have your own national day, National Joanna Day! Despite the modest number of just 4 mentions online, it's a day worth marking and celebrating on every July 1st since 2018. Now, let's delve into the history and eccentricities of this fascinating day. Lights, camera and action!

When is Joanna Day?

It's national joanna day on the 1st July.

A bit of history

In the grand expanse of the internet, one could famously say that everyone and everything gets their own day. Consequently amidst the noise, on July 1st, 2018, National Joanna Day emerged — almost out of nowhere, like a surprise pop quiz that everyone was unprepared for!

Who is Joanna?

Good question indeed! The name Joanna has biblical roots and can be found in different forms across a variety of cultures, so we're commemorating a lot of Joannas out there. But given the limited amount of mention, all 4 to be exact, it's difficult to pinpoint a single Joanna whom this day might honor.

How to celebrate

Use this day as a golden opportunity to appreciate the Joanna's in your life, with everything from messages of love to Joanna-themed parties. Every Joanna is unique and wonderful in her own way. Let's make sure they get the limelight, at least one day of the year.

Let's get talking

If you know a Joanna or if you are a Joanna, don't wait for the world to catch up. Start the buzz online, and soon this day might just garner more than 4 mentions next time. Remember, even the largest prairies start with a single seed.

History behind the term 'Joanna'


The Birth of a Name

The term 'joanna' originates from the 19th century when it was used as a slang term for an intelligent and independent woman. It is believed to have derived from the name Joanna, which was associated with strong and courageous women in literature and culture. The term quickly gained popularity and started to be used to describe women who defied societal norms and expectations.


The Flapper Era

In the 1920s, during the Roaring Twenties and the rise of the flapper culture, the term 'joanna' gained renewed popularity. Flappers were young women who challenged traditional values and embraced a more liberated lifestyle. The term 'joanna' was used to describe these bold and adventurous women who rejected societal constraints and embraced their independence.


The Era of Feminism

During the 1960s, the feminist movement gained momentum, advocating for gender equality and women's rights. The term 'joanna' became associated with the feminist ideals of empowerment, equality, and liberation. It represented women who were strong, assertive, and fought against gender-based discrimination. 'Joanna' became a symbol of female empowerment and solidarity.


Pop Culture Reinforcement

In the 21st century, the term 'joanna' continued to evolve and gain traction through popular culture. It became a common name in literature, music, and films, often representing strong, independent, and fierce female characters. This cultural reinforcement further solidified the association of 'joanna' with empowered women, inspiring a new generation of individuals to embrace the term and its connotations.

Did you know?

Despite the limited online presence of National Joanna Day, it's interesting to note that there might be more Joannas worthy of a national day than one might think. With over 1.1 million Joannas in the United States alone, according to the Census Bureau, there are plenty of people to celebrate come next July 1st!


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