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<p>Gather around, everyone named Jessica or anyone who's ever loved a Jessica! National Jessica Day is a thing, we swear. Or at least, the Internet says so. With a whopping total of 19 online mentions, this day is all about celebrating Jessicas everywhere. And while it hasn't quite hit the mainstream hype just yet, it does give all Jessica's out there, whether tagged in hilarious memes or inspiring stories, a well-deserved day in the limelight.</p>

When is Jessica Day?

It's national jessica day on the 14th April.

What's the buzz about National Jessica Day?

On National Jessica Day, celebrated somewhat sporadically but most notably on April 14th, social media has this thing where we all tweet, Instagram, and Facebook about our favorite Jessicas in our lives. And it's just as fun as it sounds!

A Virtual Flash Mob for Jessica

One might assume that the storyline of this day is a serious emotional journey about a brave Jessica somewhere. But folks, you know what they say about assuming. The origins are as unclear as a poorly written clickbait article, but hey, there's something inherently amusing about that.

Bring on the Fun!

Regardless of the murky origins, let's face it- the day is amusing. Imagine the scene: suddenly, out of nowhere, every Jessica out there sees a surge in their social media notifications. This in itself, is the reason to celebrate, a reason to get a good laugh and feel a unique kind of camaraderie with other Jessicas around the world.

The Power of Name Recognition

Names are identities, and everyone loves seeing their name in print. If the name Jessica has international recognition, then why not a National Jessica Day? It's a sweet, simple way to feel connected and recognized, even if it's just for the sake of a smile.

History behind the term 'Jessica'


The Birth of Jessica

The name 'Jessica' first gained popularity in 1905, when it was featured in a popular Shakespearean play. In 'The Merchant of Venice,' written by William Shakespeare, there is a character named Jessica, who is the daughter of the play's antagonist, Shylock. Despite her controversial father, Jessica is portrayed as a beautiful and intelligent young woman, ultimately choosing love over her family's wealth. The character's name resonated with audiences, leading to the emergence of the name in real life.


Jessica Takes Off

The name Jessica gained significant popularity in the 1940s and 1950s. It became a top choice for parents naming their daughters. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the famous American actress Jessica Tandy, who was considered a captivating and talented performer. Her success in both theater and film further popularized the name.


The Jessica Phenomenon

The 1980s marked a period of immense popularity for the name Jessica. It became a true cultural phenomenon, largely due to the widespread popularity of the television show 'Jessica Fletcher' portrayed by Angela Lansbury in the hit series 'Murder, She Wrote.' The character was a beloved mystery writer and amateur detective, captivating audiences around the world. This iconic character solidified the name Jessica as a symbol of intelligence, independence, and strength.


Jessica Today

In modern times, the name Jessica continues to be a popular choice for parents worldwide. It has achieved a timeless quality, with its enduring popularity spanning well over a century. The name Jessica embodies a sense of both classic elegance and contemporary appeal, making it a versatile choice for individuals of all ages. Whether it reminds you of a Shakespearean heroine or a beloved TV character, Jessica remains a name ingrained in popular culture and history.

Did you know?

Did you know that 'Jessica' was one of the most popular baby girl names in the '90s? So there are a lot of Millennial Jessicas out there who are being absolutely bombarded with social media notifications on this day!


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