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Do you wake up some mornings, gaze longingly at your favourite jersey, and just wish it could be a socially accepted outfit for a regular day? Well, toss aside your usual office attire and shimmy into that sports top of yours, because it's National Jersey Day! A glorious 24 hours where your heartfelt display of fandom is met not with quiet disdain, but celebration.

When is Jersey Day?

It's national jersey day on the 29th May.

Commemorating Sports and Unity on National Jersey Day

Once a year on National Jersey Day, folks from all walks of life band together, sporting their favorite sports jerseys with pride and gusto. The day serves as not just a unifying force for various sports fandoms, but also as a charming testament to how our favourite athletes and sports teams have woven their way into the fabric of our lives (pun very much intended).

When Did This Day Begin?

National Jersey Day has always been a hit among sports fans, but its mention online exploded on May 29, 2015. It's not clear exactly why this date was so popular, but we suspect a 'Team Spirit' meme may have gone viral, or perhaps a mass of office workers rose against the tyranny of their usual office attire!

How People Celebrate

From English Premier League soccer kits to custom-made fantasy team jerseys, every kind of jersey-related wardrobe choice you can imagine hits the streets, the office, the store -- pretty much wherever folks head out on this day. Some people even take to social media, posting photos of themselves to join hundreds of thousands of others partaking in the joyous event. It's truly a wonderful global phenomenon.

Purpose of the Day

While wearing a jersey might seem like a simple gesture, the heart of the matter is far from it. By wearing the jersey of their favorite player or team, people are expressing their identity, showing their allegiance, and demonstrating the pure joy of being a sports fan.

Remember This Day

So, remember to mark this one in the calendar folks and don't forget, you can wear that jersey proudly any day, not just on National Jersey Day. Because being a fan is a 365-day affair!

History behind the term 'Jersey'

13th century

Knitted garment emerges

During the 13th century, a knitted garment called a 'jersey' emerged in the Channel Island of Jersey. It was made using a technique known as 'knitting', where loops of yarn are pulled through each other to create fabric. These early jerseys were often worn by fishermen to keep warm in the cold climate of the channel region.

19th century

Thriving wool industry

In the 19th century, the wool industry began to thrive on the island of Jersey. The availability of high-quality wool and skilled knitters contributed to the production of warm and durable jerseys. Demand for these garments grew not only among fishermen but also among the general population, both locally and internationally.


British soldiers popularize jerseys

During the Crimean War in the 1850s, British soldiers stationed in Jersey were impressed by the warmth and comfort of the jerseys worn by the locals. They began to adopt the garment as part of their military uniforms. The term 'jersey' started gaining popularity and became synonymous with this type of knitted sweater.


Sports teams embrace jerseys

In the 1920s, sports teams started adopting jerseys as part of their uniforms. The lightweight and flexible nature of these knitted garments made them ideal for athletic activities. From football to hockey, jerseys became a staple in the sports world, offering both comfort and team identity. The use of jerseys in sports significantly contributed to the term becoming widely known and associated with athletic apparel.

20th century

Jerseys go mainstream

By the 20th century, jerseys had made their way into mainstream fashion. They were no longer limited to specific occupations or sports teams. Designers began incorporating jersey fabrics into various clothing items, including dresses, skirts, and casual tops. Today, the term 'jersey' is used broadly to describe any knitted garment made from jersey fabric, regardless of its original purpose or design.

Did you know?

Did you know a jersey is often referred to as a 'kit' in the UK! Brits also say 'Put your kit on' isn't that just delightful?


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