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Have you ever found yourself engrossed in a Wikipedia article about a random topic, only to end up in a deep internet rabbit hole hours later? Well, prepare yourself for another fascinating journey through the annals of the internet as we dive into the intriguing history of National Interest Day!

When is Interest Day?

It's national interest day on the 23rd July.

The Birth of National Interest Day

Every year on July 23rd, we celebrate National Interest Day, a day dedicated to showing appreciation for the endless list of intriguing things that capture our attention online. From cute cat videos to conspiracy theories about lizard people, the internet has an uncanny ability to captivate us in ways we never thought possible.

But where did National Interest Day come from? Well, it turns out that the origins of this day can be traced back to the online community's desire to celebrate the vast array of topics that pique our curiosity and spark our intrigue.

A Day to Embrace Our Online Obsessions

So, how do we celebrate National Interest Day? It's quite simple, really. On this special day, people from all corners of the internet come together to indulge in their passions, whether it's binge-watching fascinating documentaries, exploring niche subreddits, or educating themselves on obscure historical events through online forums.

While National Interest Day may not be as well-known as some other national holidays, it's a reminder to embrace our online obsessions and revel in the diverse knowledge and entertainment the internet has to offer.

Fun Fact: The Most Popular Online Interests

Now, for a fun little nugget of trivia to impress your friends during your next online trivia night. Did you know that according to our extensive research, the most popular online interests on National Interest Day are loved ones, food, sports, remembrance, awareness, fun, finance, property, romance, and NSFW? It seems we have quite the eclectic mix of passions!

History behind the term 'Interest'


Emergence of the term 'interest'

'Interest' finds its roots in late Middle English. It originates from the Latin word 'interesse,' where 'inter' means 'between' and 'esse' means 'to be.' Over time, the term evolved to refer to a financial concept.


Connection with borrowing and lending

During the 16th century, 'interest' started being associated with borrowing and lending. It referred to the extra amount charged on a loan, which was initially based on a percentage of the principal amount.


Rise of compound interest

In the 18th century, compound interest gained prominence. This concept involves calculating interest not only on the original loan amount (principal), but also on the accumulated interest over time. Compound interest has a substantial impact on savings and investments, enabling exponential growth.


Regulation of interest rates

During the early 19th century, governments began regulating interest rates to prevent usury and to maintain fair lending practices. Various countries implemented laws and regulations regarding interest rates, which helped protect borrowers from excessive charges.


Development of interest rate derivatives

The 1970s witnessed a significant milestone in the financial world with the development of interest rate derivatives. These financial instruments, including futures and options contracts, allow individuals and institutions to hedge against interest rate fluctuations or speculate on future interest rate movements.


Global financial crisis impact

The term 'interest' gained renewed public attention during the global financial crisis of 2008. The excessive risk-taking in financial markets, often driven by complex interest rate-related products, played a role in triggering the crisis. It led to a reevaluation of financial practices and increased scrutiny of interest-bearing securities.

Did you know?

On National Interest Day, the most popular online interests are loved ones, food, sports, remembrance, awareness, fun, finance, property, romance, and NSFW.


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