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Take a deep breath, let it all out. Do you feel that? That's the sweet, breezy air of nonchalance blowing in because it's National IDGAF Day! That's right, folks. This day is reminiscent of a rebellion, a cosmic 'whatever' told to anything stressing you out. Feeling the burn? Flip the script and soak in the glory that is ‘I Don’t Give a Fig’ Day, which is celebrated with a casual shrug and a wholesome sense of forget-about-it.

When is Idgaf Day?

It's national idgaf day on the 27th December.

A Brief History

Although it may seem like National IDGAF Day, or National I-Don’t-Give-A-Fig Day as the more linguistically conscious amongst us prefer, was conceived on some teen's MySpace page or inside a college dorm, it actually appeared rather mysteriously on the internet in 2015, with whispers of it starting in late 2014. Much like the carefree attitude it promotes, no one really knows (or cares to recall) who started this wonderful 'holiday'. Our figures show it was most online celebrated on December 27, 2015, symbolizing the collective sigh of relief we all needed after the craziness of the holiday season.

If It's About Caring, Why Not Care?

Contradictory, isn't it? But hear us out. We’re not implying you should dismiss important meetings, forget about deadlines, or start ignoring your significant other. The day is about letting go of unnecessary stressors and concerns that cloud your days, and instead, embracing positivity, relaxation, and a dash of nonchalance.

Celebrating National IDGAF Day

To celebrate, one must master the art of not master anything at all! Have a list of errands a mile long? Shred it. Want to binge-watch that new reality show? Do it. Craving a double-decker cheeseburger with extra pickles? Go get it. Yes, it’s all about liberating you from the shackles of worry and overwork while cheerfully embracing the joy of me-time. And remember, if someone calls while you’re chilling on IDGAF Day? Guess what—you have a nationally-approved right to not pick up!

History behind the term 'Idgaf'


Introduction of 'IDGAF'

The term 'IDGAF' originated in 2005 as an acronym for 'I Don't Give A Fuck.' It first started to gain popularity within internet forums and chat rooms, where users would use it to express a complete disregard or indifference towards something. The acronym became popular due to its straightforward and rebellious nature, encapsulating a sense of not caring about societal norms or expectations.


Rise of 'IDGAF' in Pop Culture

By 2010, 'IDGAF' had made its way into mainstream pop culture. Music artists started incorporating the acronym into their lyrics, further popularizing and solidifying its position as a symbol of defiance and non-conformity. This propelled 'IDGAF' to become a widely recognized phrase, used both online and offline to convey a sense of emotional detachment or apathy.


Dua Lipa's Hit Song 'IDGAF'

In 2013, British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa released her hit song 'IDGAF.' The song's lyrics revolve around themes of self-empowerment and moving on from a toxic relationship. The acronym 'IDGAF' served as a powerful message of asserting personal boundaries and prioritizing self-worth, resonating with listeners worldwide. Dua Lipa's song further cemented the cultural significance of 'IDGAF,' particularly among younger generations.


Recognition in Dictionaries

As the usage and popularity of 'IDGAF' continued to grow, it eventually caught the attention of lexicographers. In 2018, the term was officially recognized and added to various dictionaries, including the Oxford English Dictionary. Its inclusion highlighted the impact of 'IDGAF' on contemporary language and its widespread acceptance as a form of self-expression.


Cultural Influence and Memes

Today, 'IDGAF' remains a popular term used across various online platforms, social media, and everyday conversations. It has become a cultural phenomenon embraced by individuals seeking to assert independence and reject societal pressures. 'IDGAF' has also inspired countless memes and digital content, resonating with a generation that values authenticity and refusing to conform to others' expectations.

Did you know?

Did you know on National IDGAF Day, vacuum cleaners nationwide get a delightful day off, as nobody bothers with the housekeeping? Yep, this is the only day that boasts a 100% relaxation rate for vacuum cleaners across the U.S.


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