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Who needs a reason to enjoy a taste of heaven on a cone? Ice-cream lovers, mark your calendars because National Ice Cream Day is coming soon! Hundreds of years have passed since the invention of this chilly treat, yet it manages to melt hearts across the globe every day. Throw the diet plans away for a day and let's take a fun, frosty journey through the internet's (and America's) favorite dairy day!

When is Icecream Day?

It's national icecream day on the 20th July.

A Creamy Conjuring

Alright, before we start, let's make one thing clear: We're not quite sure who invented ice cream, but we're all in agreement that the person should've been given a Nobel Peace Prize. Or, better yet, the 'Nobel Freeze Prize'! Whatever the ice cream origin story, one thing's for sure: Humanity has relished this brilliant blend of milk, cream, sugar and happy-tears since antiquity.

Internet History of National Ice Cream Day

The digital universe is often as frosty and sweet as a double scoop of vanilla bean. Our data shows a whopping 5836 mentions of National Ice Cream Day online. The day's digital popularity reached its peak on July 20, 2020, rivaling the longest sundae ever made, a record holder at 4.5 miles long!

Presidential Proclamation

The sweetness doesn't stop at mere mentions. There's a story behind the date as well! In 1984, President Ronald Reagan—probably after his 10th scoop of jelly bean flavored ice cream—designated the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day. Probably the most 'licked' Presidential Proclamation so far! Ha!

Chill Out and Celebrate

Whether you're a fan of classic cones, or sundaes smothered in syrup and sprinkles, National Ice Cream Day is the time to chill out, celebrate and savor every scoop. Here's to hoping your cone never drips, your scoops never topple, and every ice cream dream you have is as sweet as a three-scoop surprise!

History behind the term 'Icecream'

400 BCE

Ancient Icy Treats

In ancient Persia, people began enjoying frozen desserts made from snow and ice. These early frozen treats were flavored with fruit juices, honey, and other natural ingredients. Some historians believe that this was the earliest form of what would later become known as ice cream.

500 CE

Arab Influence

During the Arab expansion, they brought the concept of frozen desserts to Europe. The Arabs developed a method of mixing sugar, juices, and fruits with snow and ice, creating a refreshing treat that spread quickly across cultures.

17th Century

Italian Innovation

In the 17th century, the Italian nobility embraced frozen desserts. They employed specialized chefs to create elaborate dishes using ice mixed with various flavors. These frozen delights, known as 'sorbets' (a precursor to modern ice cream), became fashionable across Italy.

18th Century

Introduction of Dairy

During the 18th century, the methods of making frozen desserts evolved significantly. In England, recipes started incorporating dairy products, such as milk and cream, resulting in a creamier consistency. The addition of dairy transformed the concept into something much closer to what we now know as ice cream.

19th Century

Ice Cream Becomes Popular

In the 19th century, ice cream gained widespread popularity. The invention of mechanical refrigeration made it easier to produce ice cream on a larger scale. Entrepreneurs began opening ice cream parlors, and street vendors started selling this frozen treat to the general public. Ice cream became an indulgence enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

20th Century

Industrialization and Beyond

With the advent of modern technology and the industrialization of food production, ice cream manufacturing became even more accessible and efficient. Many famous ice cream brands were established during this time, and various flavors and novelties were introduced to meet consumer demands. Today, ice cream is a beloved worldwide dessert that continues to evolve with new flavors and creative concoctions.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world record for the largest ice cream cone was achieved in Italy in 2015? The cone weighed an impressive 2,204lbs and was about 9 feet tall!


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