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Hey there, ice cream lovers! Get ready to raise your spoons high and cheer because it's National Ice Cream Soda Day! This deliciously refreshing holiday celebrates the marvelous creation that combines the best of both worlds - ice cream and soda. So, let's dive into the frothy and creamy history of this delightful treat!

When is Ice Cream Soda Day?

It's national ice cream soda day on the 20th June.

A Fizz-tory Lesson: The Birth of Ice Cream Soda

Ice cream sodas have been cooling down our taste buds for over a century now. The exact origins of this delightful concoction are somewhat hazy (like enjoying an ice cream soda without your glasses on), but it's believed to have been invented in the late 19th century.

One popular story revolves around a soda fountain, like a foamy time machine, in Philadelphia. According to legend, a sweet-toothed customer named Robert Green was enjoying his usual soda when the fountain's supplier, who happened to be out of cream, faced a major dilemma. Not one to let a minor setback ruin his day, Green suggested adding a scoop of ice cream to the soda instead. The result? A fizzy, creamy, and utterly delightful drink that took the world by storm!

Word of this delightful invention spread like wildfire, sparking a wave of ice cream soda mania across the United States. Soda fountains became the place to be, as people flocked to cool down with a tall glass of this frothy goodness. It became a symbol of joy, summer, and sticky fingers.

Ice Cream Soda

A Guilt-Free Indulgence

Aside from quenching our thirst on hot summer days, the ice cream soda has also been a muse for many creative minds. Movies, books, and songs have all paid homage to this timeless treat. And let's not forget the countless memories made while indulging in an ice cream soda with loved ones.

But perhaps the best part of this national day is that you can enjoy an ice cream soda guilt-free! Sure, it may not be the healthiest option on the menu (sorry, kale smoothies), but once in a while, treating yourself to a tall glass of ice cream soda is an absolute must. It's the perfect excuse to give your taste buds a party and let your worries fizz away into nothingness.

Did You Know?

Your taste buds aren't the only ones excited about National Ice Cream Soda Day. In 1983, the town of Evanston, Illinois, declared June 20th as "Ice Cream Soda Day." They even erected a monument to honor this delightful holiday, which attracts thousands of ice cream enthusiasts from far and wide. Now that's a serious dedication to soda-based sweetness!

History behind the term 'Ice Cream Soda'


The Birth of Carbonated Beverages

In 1874, the carbonated beverage industry was booming. Many soda fountains were popping up around the United States, offering sweet and fizzy drinks to customers.


The Introduction of Ice Cream Soda

In 1876, Robert McCay Green, a pharmacist in Philadelphia, made a delightful discovery. He added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a glass of carbonated water and syrup, creating the first ice cream soda. The combination of the cold ice cream with the fizzy soda water was an instant hit.


The Name 'Ice Cream Soda'

By 1880, the term 'ice cream soda' had become widely recognized and used to describe the delicious treat. It quickly became a popular choice at soda fountains across the country.


The World's Columbian Exposition

The World's Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893, played a crucial role in popularizing the ice cream soda. Soda fountains were set up throughout the fairgrounds, and visitors from around the world had the opportunity to taste this delightful creation.

20th Century

Expansion and Variations

During the 20th century, the popularity of ice cream sodas continued to grow. New variations, such as chocolate and strawberry, were introduced. People even started experimenting with different flavors of soda and ice cream to create unique combinations.


Ice Cream Sodas Around the World

Today, ice cream sodas are enjoyed around the world, each country putting its own spin on the classic treat. Whether you prefer a traditional root beer float in the United States or a creamy yuzu-flavored creation in Japan, ice cream sodas remain a beloved dessert for people of all ages.

Did you know?

In Evanston, Illinois, they have a monument dedicated to ice cream soda!


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