National Hurricane Center Day

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Who knew that we had a day dedicated to those brave weather souls at the National Hurricane Center? Apparently, quite a few people! Our data shows that this day was most talked about on November 14th, 2016. Almost as hot of a topic as a tropical storm itself!

When is Hurricane Center Day?

It's national hurricane center day on the 14th November.

Hold On to Your Barometers, It's National Hurricane Center Day!

When you think 'excitement', 'thrills', 'edge-of-your-seat suspense', one thing probably springs to mind: no, not the latest blockbuster movie, but weather forecasting! The National Hurricane Center, our guardian against the gales, has a special day to honor their dedicated work to keep us safe against those whirly twisters.

What a storm we brewed up when for the first time, National Hurricane Center Day reached its highest peak on November 14, 2016. With a whopping 2424 mentions online, it's safe to say people were thunderstruck by their appreciation. It's a bit like throwing a surprise office party, only the office is full of professional storm chasers.

The National Hurricane Center, based in Miami, Florida, is the calm center of the storm (pun intended), providing detailed forecasts during hurricane season to help protect lives and property. Founded in 1965 and tracking hurricanes like a boss ever since, they've seen their fair share of stormy weather.

How to Celebrate?

How should one celebrate National Hurricane Center Day? With a tropical storm party? (Don't forget your windproof umbrellas!) But all jokings aside, it's a day for raising awareness about storm and hurricane safety, understanding how to protect our properties and loved ones from these unpredictable forces of nature.

And next time there's a tropical storm brewing, remember the hardworking folk at the National Hurricane Center. Maybe give them a quiet nod of thanks for keeping us all on the weather-vigilant path.

History behind the term 'Hurricane Center'


First recorded encounter

In 1513, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León encountered a powerful storm while sailing through the Caribbean Sea. This was the first recorded encounter with a hurricane by European explorers. Ponce de León's ship was tossed about and severely damaged, leading him to christen the storm 'huracán,' the Spanish word for hurricane.


Early weather observations

In 1656, the Royal Society of London established the first weather observation network. This network included stations in the Caribbean, where hurricanes frequently occurred. The observations made during this time helped scientists and sailors better understand the behavior and patterns of hurricanes.


United States Weather Bureau

In 1870, the United States Congress established the Weather Bureau, which is now known as the National Weather Service. The Weather Bureau began collecting data on hurricanes and other weather phenomena, and it became the central authority for issuing weather forecasts and warnings. The term 'hurricane center' started to be used to refer to the entity responsible for tracking and predicting hurricanes.


Hurricane Hunters

In 1955, the United States Air Force and the Weather Bureau formed the Hurricane Hunters, a group of specialized aircraft and personnel tasked with flying into hurricanes to gather crucial data. The Hurricane Hunters played a pivotal role in improving hurricane forecasting and tracking. Their work was coordinated by the Hurricane Center, which became synonymous with the organization responsible for hurricane tracking and forecasting.


National Hurricane Center

In 1965, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) was established as part of the National Weather Service. The NHC became the primary agency responsible for tracking and predicting hurricanes in the United States. Located in Miami, Florida, the NHC combines data from satellites, aircraft, and ground-based observations to provide accurate and timely hurricane forecasts and warnings.

Did you know?

Did you know that the most intense hurricane ever recorded was Hurricane Patricia in 2015? She had winds of nearly 215 mph!


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