National Hungover Day

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Oh, the things we do for... fun? Get ready to sprinkle some coffee on your cornflakes, it's National Hangover Day! This day is celebrated on January 2nd, a suspiciously convenient date after the glorious revelry of New Year's Eve.

When is Hungover Day?

It's national hungover day on the 2nd January.

History of National Hangover Day

While some national days have their roots in historical events, legislation, or public advocacy, the origins of National Hangover Day are a little hazier. We think someone might have just woken up on January 2nd and declared it so after a particularly raucous New Year's Eve. And the internet did its thing, and before we knew it, National Hangover Day was a thing.

Celebrating National Hangover Day

Our online data indicates that National Hangover Day reached the peak of its popularity with 2151 mentions on January 2nd, 2017. Clearly, a lot of folks really leaned into their New Year celebrations that year. Commemorating the day usually involves nursing a sore head and perhaps an aversion to loud noises, bright lights, and sudden movements. But it can also be seen as a day of solidarity, where the hungover masses virtually reach out to each other in mutual understanding and sympathy.

Is there a cure?

While there is no universal cure for a hangover, staying hydrated, eating a nourishing meal, and getting some sleep is generally the best course of action. A marathon of your favorite TV show is highly recommended. Remember, it's important to take care of yourself and celebrate responsibly!

A Reminder

So, whether you're sipping water, chugging sports drinks, or feverishly Googling 'hangover cure,' know that you're not alone. And next year, you might want to bookmark this day as a gentle reminder of why moderation is a good thing.

Did you know?

Did you know that the 'hair of the dog' hangover cure, which suggests drinking more alcohol, comes from an old folk saying that to cure a dog bite you should apply the same dog's hair to the wound? Talk about a barking mad idea!


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