National Hug A Bassist Day

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Are you tired of lead vocalists hogging all the spotlight? Keyboardists aren't the only ones who deserve a little love, right? I'm thrilled to introduce you to 'National Hug a Bassist Day'. A day that finally gives bassists the attention, and more importantly, the hugs that they absolutely deserve.

When is Hug A Bassist Day?

It's national hug a bassist day on the 12th October.

The Underappreciated Bassist

The low hum of the bass guitar gives every song its rhythm and harmony; it's about time its players had their own reason to party. 'National Hug a Bassist Day', based on our records, has not been around for too long. We detected 8 mentions online, showing some love for the bass-guitar wielding artists, the most being on the 12th of October, 2017.

More than just backup

Bassists are often seen as backup, supporting the lead guitarist with deeper, less pronounced notes. But let's not forget, bassists can also be the shining stars, delivering those funky rhythms we know and love. 'National Hug a Bassist Day' is all about recognizing this.

Stay Tuned!

While it's not exactly trending worldwide, like 'National Donut Day', National 'Hug A Bassist Day' seems to be quietly sneaking its way into the social media spotlight. Who knows, maybe in a few years, we'll see millions of people rushing to give their favorite bassist a big, warm squeeze on this day.

Let's Start the Tradition!

We encourage you to start the trend in your own circles. Next time you see a bassist, give them a hug! Not only will you make their day, but you will also take strides in helping establish 'National Hug A Bassist Day' as an official internet holiday.

History behind the term 'Hug A Bassist'


The Birth of Hug a Bassist

In the year 2002, the term 'hug a bassist' was coined as a playful expression in the music community. Bassists, who often play a supporting role in bands, were humorously acknowledged for their contribution through this term. It sparked a lighthearted trend where musicians and fans started hugging bassists as a gesture of appreciation and solidarity.


Hug a Bassist Day Emerges

By 2005, 'Hug a Bassist Day' began to gain traction. Fans and musicians began celebrating this day on April 16th each year, commemorating bassists worldwide. The day became an opportunity to honor and show gratitude towards bassists for their crucial role in providing rhythm, depth, and groove to various forms of music.


Social Media Amplification

The rise of social media platforms in 2010 further propelled the popularity of 'Hug a Bassist Day.' People took to platforms like Twitter and Facebook to spread the word, sharing photos and videos of themselves hugging bassists. This digital amplification helped the day reach a wider audience, contributing to the growth of the trend.


Recognition From Musicians

In 2015, renowned musicians and bands started acknowledging 'Hug a Bassist Day.' Prominent figures such as Paul McCartney, Flea, and John Entwistle voiced their support for the day, emphasizing the significance of bassists. This recognition from music icons further solidified the cultural impact of the term and elevated the status of bassists in the eyes of music enthusiasts.


Global Celebration and Appreciation

As the years went by, 'Hug a Bassist Day' gained international recognition. It became a global celebration where people from different countries and cultures joined in to honor bassists and acknowledge their essential role in music. Whether in-person or through virtual events, the day fostered a sense of unity and appreciation within the music community.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's largest playable guitar according to the Guinness World Records is a bass guitar, measuring 13 feet 4.6 inches tall!


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