National Housing Day

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Welcome, beloved patrons of property and masters of mortgages! We gather here to commemorate a day that soars above the roofs of our daily lives. Let’s throw a shindig for shingles and toast our townhouses for National Housing Day on November 22nd.

When is Housing Day?

It's national housing day on the 22nd November.

A Home-Sweet-Home History

The humble abode of National Housing Day occupied a little corner of our calendars back in 2000 in Canada. It was intended to bring attention to the plights of the homeless and the need for affordable housing. But boy oh-boy, has it made a name for itself worldwide since then!

Building Up the Buzz

Our stat-loving squirrels have been hard at work in the digital trees, collecting data on National Housing Day chatter. They've found a whopping 2,784 mentions online, with the most coming on the actual day of November 22, 2020. It seems this crucial cause has become a hot topic in the estate of internet attention.

Roof-Raising Revelries

How do we celebrate National Housing Day, you ask? It's not just about taking a moment to appreciate your personal pad, although we do recommend giving your walls a friendly pat of gratitude. This day is more about raising awareness for homelessness and struggling with housing insecurity. It encourages us to take tangible steps, like advocating for policies favoring affordable housing, volunteering your time to help shelter initiatives, or even just sparking a discussion about the importance of a safe home for everyone.

Staking Out Our Searchability

We must also remember we’re living in a digital age, where being seen is as important as being heard. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) savants have prepared an enticing description – a fabulous front door to welcome visitors to our online dwelling, and entice them to enter and explore our informational abode.

History behind the term 'Housing'


The Emergence of Housing as a Term

The term 'housing' emerged in 1875 and initially referred to the act of providing shelter or accommodation to individuals or families. It primarily denoted the physical structures or buildings that provided a place for people to live.


Introduction of Federal Housing Legislation

In 1937, the United States witnessed a significant step in the history of housing with the introduction of the National Housing Act. This act was enacted to address the issue of slums and provide affordable housing options for Americans affected by the Great Depression. It marked the beginning of substantial government intervention in housing matters.


Birth of Public Housing

Public housing as a concept was born in 1949 with the passing of the Housing Act. This act aimed to improve the overall quality of housing for low-income families. It led to the construction of numerous public housing developments across the country, providing affordable homes for those in need.


Fair Housing Act

In 1973, the Fair Housing Act was enacted as a significant milestone in the history of housing. This act prohibited housing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It aimed to ensure equal access to housing opportunities for all individuals.


Global Financial Crisis and Housing Market Collapse

The year 2008 witnessed a significant event in housing history with the global financial crisis and subsequent collapse of the housing market. Irresponsible lending practices and the bursting of the housing bubble led to a severe economic downturn, impacting the housing industry worldwide.


Emergence of Affordable Housing Movements

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on affordable housing and the need to provide suitable and cost-effective housing options. Various social and political movements have emerged, advocating for affordable housing policies and initiatives to address the housing crisis faced by many communities.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Housing Day has its roots in Canada? It was born in the Great White North as a way to highlight the need for affordable, available housing for everyone.


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