National Hoagie Day

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Imagine a day where it's not just socially acceptable, but celebrated, to savor a juicy hoagie. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, tuck in your bibs, folks, because that's exactly what National Hoagie Day is all about!

When is Hoagie Day?

It's national hoagie day on the 5th May.

History of National Hoagie Day

Just like the many layers of delicious ingredients in a hoagie, the history of National Hoagie Day is layered with intrigue and adoration for this delectable sandwich. Finding the exact origin in internet history is as challenging as choosing your favorite hoagie filling. The most mentions of the day were recorded on May 5, 2016, indicating that this gastronomic festivity had the internet buzzing with sandwich-delight.

All Hail the Hoagie

The hoagie, a born and bread Philadelphian, began its journey in the 20th century. With its generous fillings of meats, cheeses, veggies, and delightful condiments, it swiftly won the hearts of everyone it met. The mouthwatering appeal of hoagie garnered it a dedicated following, and in turn, a special place on the calendar: none other than National Hoagie Day! On this day, every bite of your favorite sandwich is a piece of tasty tribute.

A Celebratory Feast

The best way to celebrate National Hoagie Day? Well, that's a no-'brainer-wich'. Revel in the day by indulging in a foot-long fiesta from your favorite deli or better yet, get creative and craft your own kitchen masterpiece. This day truly justifies the saying, 'the more the merrier', especially when it comes to hoagie fillings!

History behind the term 'Hoagie'


The Birth of the Hoagie

In 1925, a sandwich with Italian roots was born in Philadelphia. This sandwich, filled with various deli meats, cheeses, and vegetables, was named the hoagie. It originated from the Italian American community in Philly and quickly became a popular street food item.


The 'Hog Island' Inspiration

During World War II, the term 'hoagie' gained further popularity and recognition. The term was influenced by workers from the Hog Island Shipyard in Philadelphia who would purchase large sandwiches from food carts nearby. These sandwiches were so substantial that they were named 'hoggies' or 'hoggie rolls,' derived from the shipyard's name.


The Hoagie/Italian Connection

The term 'hoagie' started gaining prominence as a local name for the sandwich in the Philadelphia area during the 1950s. It is believed to have derived from the Italian-American workers in the shipyards eating these substantial sandwiches, as the word 'hoagie' sounds similar to 'Italian hogie,' a nickname for Italian workers.


Expansion and National Recognition

By the 1960s, the hoagie had spread beyond Philadelphia and gained recognition on a national level. Food establishments began using the term 'hoagie' to describe similar sandwiches, especially in the Northeastern United States. This regional favorite continued to expand its popularity and became an iconic American sandwich.


Official Recognition as the Hoagie

In 1987, the term 'hoagie' was officially acknowledged by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the official name for the beloved sandwich. This recognition highlighted the cultural significance of the hoagie and its deep roots in Philadelphia's culinary history.

Did you know?

Did you know that the hoagie got its name from a shipyard known as Hog Island, where Italian workers introduced the sandwich during World War I? Hog Island + sandwich = hoagie!


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4th May 2015

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5th May 2016

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