National Highway In Rajasthana Day

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When is Highway In Rajasthana Day?

It's national highway in rajasthana day on the 24th May.

The History of National Highway in Rajasthan Day

Every year on May 24th, we celebrate National Highway in Rajasthan Day. This day is dedicated to recognizing the importance of the national highways in the state of Rajasthan, India.

The national highways in Rajasthan play a crucial role in connecting various cities, towns, and villages within the state. They serve as the lifeline for transportation and contribute to the economic growth of the region.

With a total length of over 4,000 kilometers, the national highways in Rajasthan offer breathtaking views of the majestic forts, palaces, and landscapes that the state is famous for. They provide easy access to popular tourist destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Ajmer, allowing travelers to explore the rich cultural heritage of the state.

In addition to promoting tourism, the national highways also facilitate the movement of goods, enabling trade and commerce to flourish. They connect Rajasthan with neighboring states and act as vital trade routes, serving as a lifeline for the transportation of goods.

Furthermore, these highways are designed to ensure the safety and convenience of travelers. They are well-maintained, equipped with modern amenities, and are constantly monitored to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Rajasthan is home to the longest national highway in India? National Highway 62, spanning over 1,239 kilometers, connects Agra in Uttar Pradesh to Ahmedabad in Gujarat, passing through the beautiful cities of Jaipur and Udaipur.

History behind the term 'Highway In Rajasthana'


Planning and construction

In 1962, the Government of India started planning and constructing a major highway system in the state of Rajasthan, India. This ambitious project aimed to connect the important cities and towns of Rajasthan, promoting trade and tourism in the region.


Nationalization of roads

By 1965, the Government of India nationalized the road network in Rajasthan, taking over the maintenance and development of the highways. This step ensured standardized construction and maintenance practices, leading to safer and more reliable roads.


Expansion and improvement

Throughout the 1970s, the highway network in Rajasthan witnessed significant expansion and improvement. The government invested in widening the roads, constructing bypasses, and improving connectivity between cities. This led to reduced travel times and enhanced transportation efficiency.


Modernization and upgradation

In 1991, the government launched a comprehensive modernization and upgradation plan for the highway network in Rajasthan. This included introducing modern road design principles, implementing advanced traffic management systems, and enhancing road safety measures. The upgraded highways played a crucial role in attracting industries and boosting economic growth in the state.


Golden Quadrilateral project

In 2005, the Rajasthan section of the prestigious Golden Quadrilateral project was completed. This ambitious initiative aimed to connect the four major metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata via a network of high-quality highways. The completion of this project brought Rajasthan closer to the national highway grid, significantly improving connectivity and transportation between the state and other parts of India.


Expressway development

In 2015, the Rajasthan Government embarked on an expressway development plan to further enhance the state's road infrastructure. The plan included the construction of modern expressways connecting major cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur. These expressways not only provided faster travel options but also boosted tourism and trade opportunities in the region.

Did you know?

Did you know that Rajasthan is home to the longest national highway in India? National Highway 62 spans over 1,239 kilometers.


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