National Hen Harrier Day

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Welcome to National Hen Harrier Day! Get ready to spread your wings and learn all about these magnificent feathered creatures. Our article will take you on a delightful journey through the internet history of this national day, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride!

When is Hen Harrier Day?

It's national hen harrier day on the 1st August.

Internet History of National Hen Harrier Day

National Hen Harrier Day originated from the soaring popularity of these incredible birds and the need to raise awareness about their conservation. These birds of prey have captivated the hearts of bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, with their majestic aerial displays and stunning hunting techniques.

The internet has played a significant role in bringing people together to celebrate and learn about the mesmerizing world of hen harriers. Social media platforms, birding forums, and wildlife websites have all joined forces to create a virtual nest for sharing knowledge, experiences, and stunning photographs of these magnificent birds.

In 2020, the internet buzz went through the roof on August 1st as enthusiasts and organizations flooded the online realm with 160 mentions of National Hen Harrier Day. It was a day of virtual celebrations, educational initiatives, and conservation discussions that spread like wildfire across various digital platforms. The online community united, chirped, and squawked, making their support for hen harriers heard loud and clear!

A Fun Fact About Hen Harriers

Did you know that hen harriers are the true masters of disguise? These birds have a unique adaptation that allows them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. With their plumage, resembling the earthy tones of the moorland and grasslands they inhabit, they become invisible ninjas of the bird world, stealthily navigating their hunting grounds. Talk about being nature's own secret agents!

History behind the term 'Hen Harrier'


First recorded usage

The term 'hen harrier' was first recorded in 1727 by British naturalist Francis Willughby in his book 'Ornithologiae libri tres'. He used the term to refer to a majestic bird of prey with a distinctive hunting style and appearance.


Scientific classification

In 1816, French zoologist Louis Vieillot classified the hen harrier as Circus cyaneus in his work 'Analyse d'une Nouvelle Ornithologie Élémentaire,' recognizing it as a member of the Circus genus. This classification helped establish the term as a recognized name for this bird species.


Rapid decline in population

During the late 19th century, hen harrier populations faced a rapid decline due to habitat loss, persecution by gamekeepers, and the widespread use of pesticides. This decline brought attention to the conservation of these birds and their unique ecological importance.


Legal protection

In 1954, the United Kingdom implemented legal protection for hen harriers through the Protection of Birds Act. This act aimed to safeguard hen harriers and other bird species from deliberate killing or disturbance, contributing to the preservation of their populations.


European recognition

In 1999, the hen harrier gained recognition at the European level with its inclusion in the Annex I of the European Union Birds Directive. This listing emphasizes the importance of conserving and protecting hen harrier populations across Europe.


Conservation efforts and folklore

Today, conservation organizations and initiatives work to protect and restore hen harrier habitats, aiming to ensure their populations thrive. The term 'hen harrier' has also become embedded in folklore and cultural significance, representing the beauty and grace of these magnificent birds.

Did you know?

Hen harriers are the true masters of disguise, blending seamlessly into their surroundings!


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