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Hey there! Are you ready to say hello to a national holiday that's all about greetings? Well, put on your friendliest smile and get ready to learn all about National Hello Day!

When is Hello Day?

It's national hello day on the 21st November.

What is National Hello Day?

On November 21st each year, people from all around the globe celebrate National Hello Day. This special day is all about encouraging friendly interactions and spreading positive vibes. It's the perfect opportunity to greet everyone you meet with a warm 'hello' or a cheerful wave.

Now, you might be wondering who came up with this delightful day. Well, National Hello Day was created back in 1973 by a mystery person named Brian McCormack. He wanted to promote communication and combat the increasing levels of social isolation in an increasingly digital world. And what better way to do that than by sharing a simple greeting?

So, how do you celebrate National Hello Day? It's pretty straightforward, really. You just go out into the world and greet people with a friendly 'hello' or a big smile. It's a reminder to connect with others, whether they're strangers, friends, or even pets!

Remember, the more hellos you give on this special day, the more positive vibes you spread. Who knows, your greeting might turn someone's day around and make them feel a little less alone. So, go out there and be the friendly face of National Hello Day!

History behind the term 'Hello'


The Invention of the Telephone

In 1827, Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the first acoustic telegraph, which used a series of bells and wires to send electrical signals. This laid the foundation for future developments in communication technology.


The Introduction of the Telephone

In 1875, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, a device that could transmit sound by converting it into electrical signals. This revolutionary invention provided a means of communication over long distances, revolutionizing the way people interacted.


The First Use of 'Hello'

In 1877, Thomas A. Edison, the renowned inventor, suggested the use of the word 'hello' as a greeting when answering the telephone. Edison proposed this term because of its simplicity and clarity, and it quickly gained popularity among telephone users.


Inclusion in the Dictionary

By 1889, the term 'hello' had become widely recognized and was included in the second edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Its incorporation solidified the use of 'hello' as a standard telephone greeting and further popularized its usage.

20th Century

Global Adoption and Cultural Impact

Throughout the 20th century, the word 'hello' became a ubiquitous greeting in spoken communication worldwide. As telephones became more prevalent, 'hello' became ingrained in people's vocabulary and represented the start of a conversation. Its cultural impact extended beyond telephone usage, and it has since become an everyday greeting used in various contexts.

Did you know?

Did you know that the word 'hello' was not commonly used to greet people until the invention of the telephone? Before that, people would often say 'ahoy' or 'hullo' when answering a call.


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