National Hard Candy Day

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Welcome to the sweetest article you'll read today! It's time to celebrate National Hard Candy Day, a day dedicated to those delightful little treats that have been putting smiles on faces for years.

When is Hard Candy Day?

It's national hard candy day on the 19th December.

The Birth of Hard Candy

Hard candy has been around for centuries, capturing the hearts (and taste buds) of people all over the world. It's believed that the ancient Egyptians were some of the first to enjoy the pleasures of hard candy. They would mix honey or fruit juice with spices to create treats that were both delicious and satisfying. Little did they know, they were kicking off a candy revolution that would continue for centuries to come.

Internet Insights

Our data shows that National Hard Candy Day has garnered quite a buzz online, racking up an impressive 1551 mentions. The highest number of mentions came on December 19th, 2016, when sweet lovers everywhere united to celebrate all things hard candy. It's no surprise that this delightful day brings joy to so many!

History behind the term 'Hard Candy'


Sugar and boiling

In 1670, the process of making hard candy began with the discovery of sugar as a sweetener and the technique of boiling it. Sugar was considered a luxury item during this time, and hard candies were made by boiling sugar syrup until it reached the hard crack stage, which is around 310 to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. The syrup was then poured into molds or shaped by hand into various shapes and sizes.

late 19th century

Industrialization of candy production

During the late 19th century, the industrialization of candy production revolutionized the way hard candies were made. In 1851, the first candy-making machine was patented, which allowed for mass production of candies, including hard candies. The machines helped to automate the process of shaping and wrapping hard candies, making them more readily available and affordable for the general population.

early 20th century

Flavored hard candies

In the early 20th century, flavored hard candies started to gain popularity. Manufacturers began to experiment with various flavors and began adding fruit extracts, essential oils, and artificial flavorings to the boiled sugar mixture. These flavored hard candies became beloved treats for both children and adults, and their demand continued to grow.

mid-20th century

Introduction of glass candy jars

During the mid-20th century, glass candy jars became a common sight in households and candy stores. The transparent glass jars allowed the colorful assortment of hard candies to be displayed attractively, enticing customers to purchase them. Glass candy jars also played a role in preserving the freshness and flavor of the hard candies.

late 20th century

Expansion of flavors and shapes

In the late 20th century, the range of flavors and shapes available for hard candies expanded exponentially. Manufacturers innovated by introducing unique flavors like sour, spicy, and minty, appealing to different tastes. Hard candies also started to come in various shapes, including discs, balls, sticks, and even novelty shapes related to holidays or cultural icons.

present day

Continued popularity and versatility

Today, hard candies remain popular worldwide. They are enjoyed by people of all ages as a sweet treat and are often associated with nostalgia. Hard candies are used in various ways, such as garnishing desserts, flavoring drinks, soothing sore throats, and even as decorative elements in art and crafts. They continue to evolve with new flavors, combinations, and packaging designs to cater to ever-changing consumer preferences.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's largest lollipop was made in 2012? It weighed a whopping 7,003 pounds! That's a whole lot of sugary goodness in one giant candy.


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