National Greg Day

A group of people named Greg, including pets, gathered together for a festive celebration. Some wearing Hawaiian shirts, others in cowboy hats, with a backyard picnic scene and balloons..
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Ever heard of a day dedicated just to all the Gregs out there? Well, it's a thing! Gather up all your Greg friends, family and pets (yes, pets can be named Greg too), and throw a party in their honour on National Greg Day.

When is Greg Day?

It's national greg day on the 19th January.

What's in a Name?

Greg. A simple name, bounding with mystery. On National Greg Day, we honor those who would declare, 'I am Greg.' Originally peaking with a modest 7 mentions, this day has quietly snuck into calendars around the world. Perhaps the most notable surge of its fame came about on the 19th January 2017. Sure, it wasn't as popular as that sassy cat meme, but it gained some momentum!

Shoutout to All Gregs

A celebration of Gregs, by Gregs and for Gregs. What better way to bring all the Gregs of the world together than with a day made just for them? Not named Greg? No problem! Feel free to be a Greg for a day. The day is all about having fun, eating good food, and commemorating all those things that are so uniquely Greg.

Greg-garious Celebrations

One thing about Gregs? They know how to celebrate. Does it involve pineapple on pizza or maybe the art of crafting the perfect dad joke? Hard to say, it's a Greg thing. Whether it's a marathon of Greg themed movies ('Diary of a Wimpy Kid,' we see you) or 'Greg of Thrones' viewing parties, every gathering is a #GregGoals.

History behind the term 'Greg'


The Birth of Greg

In 1982, the term 'greg' originated as a nickname for Gregory, a common English given name. The name Gregory has deep historical roots, derived from the Latin name Gregorius, which means watchful or vigilant. Over time, the nickname 'greg' became popular among friends and family as a casual and affectionate way to address someone named Gregory.


The Rise of 'Greg'

By the 1990s, 'greg' had gained traction beyond the confines of personal relationships and started gaining popularity as a generic term to refer to any person named Gregory. It became a widely recognized and accepted casual term that embodied familiarity and camaraderie, often used to address someone in a relaxed and informal manner.


The Internet and 'Greg'

With the advent of the internet and the rise of online communities, the term 'greg' found its way into digital spaces. It became prevalent in chat rooms, online forums, and social media platforms as a way to address individuals informally and create a sense of connection. 'Greg' became a testament to the power of online communities in shaping language and fostering new forms of communication.


'Greg' Goes Viral

In 2017, a humorous meme featuring the phrase 'Hey, I'm Greg' went viral. The meme featured a fictional character named Greg, who introduced himself in a lighthearted and friendly manner. This viral sensation brought 'greg' into the mainstream consciousness, further solidifying its status as a widely recognized and well-loved term.


The Enduring Popularity of 'Greg'

Today, 'greg' continues to be an endearing and approachable term used to refer to individuals named Gregory. It has become a part of popular culture, featured in jokes, memes, and pop culture references. The term 'greg' exemplifies the ever-evolving nature of language and highlights the enduring impact of nicknames in fostering a sense of familiarity and community.

Did you know?

Did you know the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator test doesn't have a 'Greg' personality type? Outrageous! Here's a fun task for National Greg Day, create your own 'Greg' personality type, because why should Carl Jung have all the fun?


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19th January 2017

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