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Time to give a high-five to the wonderful people who tell the most colorful stories, give the squishiest hugs, and sneak the sweetest treats into your pockets! Yes, we're talking about grandparents! Every year we celebrate National Grandparents Day, a special day dedicated to those funny, lovely beings who make family gatherings a true festival of affection.

When is Grandparents Day?

It's national grandparents day on the 13th September.

Grand History of Grandparents Day

The history of National Grandparents Day dates back to the 1970s. It was officially recognized in 1978, when President Jimmy Carter signed a federal proclamation, declaring it an annual celebration on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Its inception is thanks to Marian McQuade, a champion advocate for seniors who was on a mission to highlight the contributions of grandparents to our societies.

Marian, a grandmother of 40 (yes, you read that right!), was genuinely concerned that many elders in her community were alienated due to their age or frailties. The purpose of this day was to persuade grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. Since then, this day has grown in popularity and has been observed in various ways around the globe.

Internet Celebrations

The internet has widened the celebration arena for Grandparents Day. Our data indicates it reaching peak popularity in 2015, with an impressive online mention of 16915 times!

On this day, social media feeds are flooded with throwback photos, heartwarming stories, and appreciative captions about grandparents. Online communities host virtual events, encouraging grandchildren to spend quality time with their grandparents, even if they can't be physically present. The internet has truly made this global celebration borderless!

Why We Love Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is a special time to appreciate and cherish the bond shared with our grandparents. It's not just about gifts; it's a day for sporting your grandparent's favorite hat, cooking their best-loved recipe, or simply sitting with them and listening to their stories, fostering a profound connection that transcends generations.

History behind the term 'Grandparents'

14th century

The Emergence of the Term

The term 'grandparents' first appeared in the 14th century, derived from the Old French word 'grant' meaning 'great' or 'big,' and 'parents' meaning 'ancestors.' It was used to describe the parents of a person's father or mother.

16th century

Formalization of Roles

During the 16th century, the roles of grandparents in society started to become more formally recognized. They were often seen as the respected elders and wise counsel within the family structure.

18th century

Patriarchal Influence

In the 18th century, the influence of grandparents, particularly grandfathers, increased within the family hierarchy. They often held significant positions of power and authority over household affairs.

19th century

Grandparenting as a Leisure Activity

By the 19th century, many grandparents had more leisure time, and their roles expanded beyond simply being authority figures. They began actively engaging with their grandchildren, providing love, support, and guidance.

20th century

Changing Family Dynamics

Throughout the 20th century, various cultural and societal shifts significantly influenced the role of grandparents. Factors such as urbanization, mobility, and changing family structures altered the dynamics of grandparent-grandchild relationships.


National Grandparents Day

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day in the United States. This day celebrates the important contributions and unconditional love of grandparents.

Did you know?

Did you know that the official flower of National Grandparents Day is the 'Forget-Me-Not'? These beautiful flowers symbolize the long-lasting love we share with our grandparents!


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