National Good Neighbor Day

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National Good Neighbor Day, seriously, who would have thought this is a thing? Don't be surprised if your next-door neighbor suddenly starts to borrow a cup of sugar more often, they're just trying to celebrate. Here at, we're digging through the digital vaults and found a whopping 4119 mentions of this glorious day to get better acquainted with your neighbors!

When is Good Neighbor Day?

It's national good neighbor day on the 28th September.

When was National Good Neighbor Day first Mentioned Online?

Ever wonder when this neighborly love first made a splash online? Well, it seems like the internet caught the bug for National Good Neighbor Day on September 28, 2016. Maybe it was the year for potluck barbecue parties or a rise in cookie baking kits, who knows? Sounds delightful, though, we must say!

The Importance of National Good Neighbor Day

While it may raise a few eyebrows and possibly ignite an ages-old neighborhood feud over that misshapen hedge, National Good Neighbor Day serves as a timely reminder that we're part of a broader community. Less keeping up with the Joneses, more helping the Joneses, see what we mean?

Ways to Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

Celebrating National Good Neighbor Day isn't about grand gestures or exotic gifts, but simple acts of kindness. Lend a hand with their gardening, take a moment to chat over the fence, or even just flash those pearly whites as you pass them by. After all, what is a neighborhood if not a huge extended family without the awkward holiday dinners?

History behind the term 'Good Neighbor'


The Good Neighbor Policy

In 1933, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced the Good Neighbor Policy. The policy aimed to improve diplomatic relations between the United States and Latin American countries. It promoted non-interventionism, mutual respect, and cooperation. This policy signaled a shift from the previous interventionist approach and sought to establish stronger ties based on equality and goodwill.


The Good Neighbor in Popular Culture

By the 1940s, the term 'good neighbor' became popularized through various media, including film and radio. The Good Neighbor policy was featured in films like 'The Big Broadcast of 1942,' which celebrated good relations between nations. Additionally, the radio show 'The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet' used the term 'the good neighbors' to refer to friendly neighbors in a suburban setting. This cultural exposure further solidified the concept of being a 'good neighbor' as something positive and desirable.


Good Neighbor Pharmacy

In 1978, Good Neighbor Pharmacy was established as a brand name for independent retail pharmacies in the United States. The network aimed to provide personalized and trusted healthcare services to local communities. The name 'Good Neighbor' represented the values of care, trust, and community support that pharmacies were expected to offer. Today, Good Neighbor Pharmacy remains a well-known and respected brand in the pharmaceutical industry.


Good Neighbor Day

Good Neighbor Day, celebrated on September 28th, was established in 2010 by the U.S. Congress. This day encourages people to be good neighbors and engage in acts of kindness and community service. It serves as a reminder to foster positive relationships and support one another. Good Neighbor Day celebrates the importance of being involved in our communities and contributing to the well-being of those around us.

Did you know?

Did you know that over 4,000 online mentions of National Good Neighbor Day skyrocketed on a single day in 2016? Maybe it was a global communal burst of love, or more likely, everyone remembered to return borrowed tools that day!


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