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Do you remember the joy of winning a goldfish at a fair, or the sight of your first pet fish swimming happily in its glass bowl? Well, my finned friends, it's high time you find out about a day dedicated to our scaly, aquatic companions – National Goldfish Day! But beware, they may get a little overexcited and forget about their special day three seconds later!

When is Goldfish Day?

It's national goldfish day on the 2nd August.

Finding Nemo (or should we say goldfish?)

Did you know the internet echoes with the splish-splash of National Goldfish Day every year? With our data showing a big splash, the highest number of mentions on 02 Aug 2020, it's clear that folks are taking the time to appreciate the goldfish in their life.

The Origin of National Goldfish Day

The origins of National Goldfish Day remain quite murky and as mysterious as the depths your pet goldfish swims in. Much like the goldfish's memory, the internet seems to have forgotten to record the day's inception! But don't let this throw you off the scent. Goldfish enthusiasts around the globe have embraced this celebration, spreading the word (and fish food) far and wide.

Celebrating National Goldfish Day

Despite their 3-second memory span, goldfish have remained a popular pet for centuries, and National Goldfish Day is the perfect opportunity to show them some extra love. Clean out their tank, lavish them with treats, or simply sit and enjoy their soothing, hypnotic swimming patterns. Maybe even share a picture of your beloved pet on social media with the hashtag #NationalGoldfishDay and give your aquatic friend their 3 seconds of fame!

Making Waves With Love For Goldfish

Whether you're 'fishing' for a way to commemorate this day or simply enjoying seeing goldfish get the recognition they deserve, there's no denying that National Goldfish Day is a swim-riffic day to appreciate these adorable creatures, and their value beyond the glass bowl.

History behind the term 'Goldfish'

Song Dynasty, 960-1279

The First Domestication

During the Song Dynasty in ancient China, the first domestication of carp occurred. Carp were bred for their bright colors, and the breeding program eventually led to the development of gold-colored carp. These gold-colored carp were the earliest ancestors of what would later become the goldfish.

Tang Dynasty, 618-907

Royal Domination

The gold-colored carp gained popularity during the Tang Dynasty. They were kept as ornamental fish in imperial palaces and soon became a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good luck. The Chinese royals cherished them and even created elaborate ponds and water gardens to display them.

Song Dynasty, 960-1279

Selective Breeding

During the Song Dynasty, selective breeding techniques were employed to enhance the bright colors and unique features of the gold-colored carp. The ornamental fish started to exhibit shorter fins, a more pronounced dorsal hump, and a deeper body shape. These characteristics set them apart from their wild ancestors.

Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644

The Name 'Goldfish'

It was during the Ming Dynasty that the term 'goldfish' (金鱼) was first recorded. The name 'goldfish' was given to emphasize their striking golden hues. Eventually, the goldfish became highly valued pets and a popular subject in Chinese art and literature.

17th Century

Introduction to the Western World

In the 17th century, during the Ming Dynasty, goldfish were introduced to the Western world. In 1611, a collection of goldfish was sent as a gift to the Dutch ambassador in Nagasaki, Japan. From there, goldfish made their way to Europe, where their popularity skyrocketed.

19th Century

Variety Explosion

In the early 19th century, goldfish breeding reached its peak in Japan. The Japanese developed numerous new color variations and striking patterns through selective breeding. This period witnessed a proliferation of goldfish varieties, including the famous 'ryukin' and 'oranda' goldfish.

20th Century

Global Phenomenon

By the 20th century, goldfish had become a global phenomenon. They were widely bred and cherished for their vibrant colors and elegant swim. Goldfish were not only kept as pets but also featured in exhibitions and competitions around the world, showcasing the tremendous diversity achieved through centuries of selective breeding.

Did you know?

Did you know that goldfish cannot blink because they have no eyelids? So, don't be surprised if your goldfish seems surprised all the time, they're not, they're just eyes-wide-open excited!


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