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Have you ever had this gnawing feeling that you're missing out on something fun, but just can't quite put your finger on it? Well, it might just be the wheeling and dealing spirit of National Go Skate Day! This rambunctious revelry of all things rolling is celebrated on the smooth ramps across the globe.

When is Go Skate Day?

It's national go skate day on the 21st June.

Rolling Into the History

Our journey begins way back in 2004 when the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) thought it would be a radical idea to give skateboarders their day in the sun. And thus, National Go Skate Day was born. Noted as the Christmas for skateboarders, this day has gained momentum over the years, with an impressive peak of 2117 online mentions on June 21, 2017. That's a lot of love for skateboards indeed!

Where the Sidewalk Ends is Where the Fun Begins

Every year on June 21, skateboarders from all walks of life, gather at parks and streets to celebrate this unique blend of sport and art. From pro skaters to newbies, everyone is free to feel the thrill of the wind in their hair as they coast down streets and railings. And if you trip and fall? Well, that's just part of the fun.

Not Just a Fly-By Event

Once just a day, this event has evolved more into a movement promoting the health benefits and communal spirit of skateboarding. Cheers and laughter echo in skate parks as young and old alike share the common thrill of defying gravity, even if it's just momentarily. It's not just the tricks up the skateboarders' sleeves that are extraordinary, it's the camaraderie and collective enthusiasm that sets this day apart.

History behind the term 'Go Skate'


Rise of Skateboarding as a Recreational Activity

In the 1950s, skateboarding as a recreational activity gained popularity among children and teenagers in California. These early skateboarders would use homemade boards with roller skate wheels attached to simulate the feeling of riding a wave on land.


Skateboarding Becomes More Mainstream

During the 1970s, skateboarding began to gain broader acceptance and recognition. Skate parks started to appear, providing a safe and controlled environment for skaters to practice and showcase their skills. The sport started attracting attention from media and companies, further helping its growth.


The Term 'Go Skate' Emerges

In 1986, the term 'Go Skate' emerged as a rallying cry in the skateboarding community. It expressed the passion and enthusiasm skaters had for their sport. 'Go Skate' became a widely recognized slogan, encouraging people to go out and enjoy skateboarding.


International Go Skateboarding Day

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) established the annual 'Go Skateboarding Day' in 2003. Celebrated on June 21st each year, this day serves as a global celebration of skateboarding culture and encourages skaters worldwide to hit the streets and skate parks to showcase their skills and promote the sport.

Did you know?

Did you know that 21st June was chosen to celebrate National Go Skate Day as it's typically the longest day of the year filled with sunshine? More day, more play!


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