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Oh, love! The most beautiful four-lettered word ever used. Good news for all lovebird scholars out there, we have a whole day dedicated to your study. Enter, National Girlfriend Boyfriend Day! A day where all the digital doves fly high in the World Wide Web sky and fill our social media feeds with adorable expressions of love for their 'better' halves.

When is Girlfriend Boyfriend Day?

It's national girlfriend boyfriend day on the 31st July.

When is this festivity of love held?

Our records show a dizzying 2247 mentions of National Girlfriend Boyfriend Day online, with the love avalanche of messages pouring down on the 31st of July 2020. We guess Cupid decided to make a national day for himself and pimp his bow for the occasion!

The History of Love

Now, you might be scratching your head wondering why there's a national day dedicated to couples. Let's take you back in time. Mainstream society has always had a sweet tooth for love stories. From Romeo and Juliet sipping poison lattes to Noah and Allie bird-watching in 'The Notebook', it was only a matter of time before the general public penciled down a day in the name of love.

How do people participate?

How does one celebrate this sweet day? Some would swoon under a romantic candlelight dinner, others go for a beach vacation, and for some, a cute DIY [Do It Yourself] gift does the job. On this day, it's all about making your love-ridden other half smile, while making everyone on social media go 'aww'.

A Day to Celebrate Love

In conclusion, National Girlfriend Boyfriend Day is a fun-filled day to show people that you care for them. As this day comes close, the voices of boyfriends and girlfriends echo worldwide, declaring their love for their significant other, instilling in us the warm feeling of human interaction that no substitute can provide.

History behind the term 'Girlfriend Boyfriend'


The Origin of the Term 'Girlfriend'

The term 'girlfriend' first appeared in 1896 and was initially used to describe a female friend with whom one has a platonic relationship. It was commonly used in the United States and quickly gained popularity among young adults.


Expanding the Meaning of 'Girlfriend'

In 1902, the term 'girlfriend' began to take on a romantic connotation. It started to refer to a female companion with whom one shares a romantic or sexual relationship. This expanded meaning contributed to the evolution of the term in popular culture.


The Emergence of the Term 'Boyfriend'

The term 'boyfriend' emerged in 1922 as a counterpart to 'girlfriend.' It referred to a male companion with whom a woman or a girl shares a romantic or dating relationship. The term gained prevalence quickly and became widely used.


Cultural Acceptance of 'Girlfriend' and 'Boyfriend'

By the 1950s, the terms 'girlfriend' and 'boyfriend' became more widely accepted in mainstream society. They were recognized as common ways to describe the romantic partners of adolescents and adults alike. These terms were used in popular culture, books, and songs.


Gender Equality and Same-Sex Relationships

In the 1960s, the definition of 'girlfriend' and 'boyfriend' expanded to encompass same-sex relationships. As societal attitudes toward homosexuality began to shift, these terms became inclusive and recognized romantic partners of any gender. This change reflected the growing acceptance and recognition of diverse relationships.


Evolution of the Term 'Girlfriend Boyfriend'

Today, the term 'girlfriend boyfriend' is commonly used to refer to a couple in a romantic relationship, regardless of gender. It highlights the connection and commitment between two individuals. The term has evolved to encompass the diversity of modern relationships and continues to be a widely used expression.

Did you know?

Although this day is known as National Girlfriend Boyfriend Day, it's not officially recognized as a national holiday. So, don't skip work or school to celebrate!


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