National Get To Know Your Customers Day

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Ready to delve deep into the world of 'know thy customer'? Hold on to your hats, as we journey into the fascinating depths of 'National Get to Know Your Customers Day.' A day full of human interactions, curious questions, and a whole lot of learning.

When is Get To Know Your Customers Day?

It's national get to know your customers day on the 21st July.

Unwrapping the Tale of National Get to Know Your Customers Day

National Get to Know Your Customers Day is a day that comes around once every quarter, as businesses step up their customer-relationship game. With 2635 mentions online, the day has reshaped the business horizon in amazing ways. A peak in online mentions on 21st July 2016 saw the day come out of the shadows and into the blazing spotlight.

Building Bonds with Customers

On this day, businesses go that extra mile to better comprehend the needs and preferences of those pivotal to their success- their customers. It's all about personal chats, customer-centric celebrations, and heaps of feedback actions. All in all, it's a day when the steady hum of the business machinery quietens, giving way to heartfelt exchanges.

Spread the Survey Joy

Surveys? Yep, you guessed it! It's raining surveys on National Get to Know Your Customers Day. But wait, these aren't your average run-of-the-mill questionnaires. These are fun, intriguing, and loaded with 'let's-get-to-know-you-better' questions. The cherry on top? There are rewards galore for customers who dare to dive into the survey realm.

The Real Heroes

Ultimately, the day is all about celebrating customers - the real superheroes in the business world. It's a moment to take a step back and shower all the deserved attention, speculations, and a whole lot of gratitudes on the customers.

Intriguing Insights

Remember that date- 21st July 2016? That's when National Get to Know Your Customers Day went viral! That's right, our 'get-to-know-you' fest was the talk of the net, a major hit among businesses and customers alike.

Let's Keep This Going

So, here's cheers to more get-to-know-each-other moments. Let's keep these dialogues flowing and keep transforming these interactions into insights, all year round. After all, isn't that what good business is all about?

History behind the term 'Get To Know Your Customers'


The birth of market research

In 1923, a Princeton University professor named E. St. Elmo Lewis introduced the concept of 'get to know your customers' as part of a series of lectures on advertising. Lewis believed that businesses should focus on understanding their customers in order to effectively market their products. This marked the beginning of what is now known as market research, which aims to gather information about consumers' needs, preferences, and behaviors.


The rise of consumer studies

During the 1940s, consumer studies became more prominent as businesses recognized the importance of understanding their target audiences. Companies started conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gain insights into consumer behavior. The phrase 'get to know your customers' gained popularity as a way to encourage businesses to invest time and resources in understanding their customers' wants and needs.


The advent of CRM

In the 1960s, the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) emerged. With advancements in technology, businesses began using databases to store and analyze customer information. This allowed for personalized marketing and better customer service. 'Get to know your customers' became a common adage, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships with customers based on understanding and meeting their individual needs.


The internet revolutionizes customer insights

The widespread adoption of the internet in the 1990s transformed how businesses could gather information about their customers. Online surveys, web analytics, and social media platforms provided new avenues for understanding consumer behavior and preferences. Companies started integrating online data with traditional market research techniques, further emphasizing the need to 'get to know your customers' in the digital age.


Customer-centric marketing

Today, 'get to know your customers' has evolved into a fundamental principle of customer-centric marketing. Businesses understand that building strong relationships with customers requires ongoing research and understanding of their changing expectations. This includes leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and personalization techniques to deliver tailored experiences. 'Get to know your customers' serves as a reminder to prioritize customer insights in all marketing strategies.

Did you know?

National Get to Know Your Customers Day always falls on the third Thursday of every quarter. It's scheduled spirit that never fails to spread an air of customer exhilaration!


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