National Get High As Fuck Day

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Welcome to the wacky and wild world of National get high as a kite Day! This unique day has captured the imaginations of internet users all over the world. Let's dive into the fascinating history, fun facts, and even a little dose of humor surrounding this extraordinary day.

When is Get High As Fuck Day?

It's national get high as fuck day on the 22nd March.

The Origins of National get high as a kite Day

It all began on a sunny day in 2015 when the internet exploded with mentions of National get high as a kite Day. With a whopping 639 mentions online, it was clear that people were eager to celebrate this peculiar holiday. The exact origin of this day remains a mystery, but it quickly gained popularity among those who enjoy a little high-flying adventure.

While some may interpret the phrase 'get high as a kite' in an adult-themed way, we prefer to keep things wholesome and safe for all ages. Instead, let's imagine this day as an opportunity to explore the skies, fly a kite, and feel that exhilarating rush as our colorful creations dance in the wind.

Celebrating National get high as a kite Day

On this delightful day, gather your loved ones and head outdoors for an unforgettable kite-flying experience. Pack a picnic filled with delicious food to enjoy while you revel in the majestic sight of kites soaring high above. Remember to bring your favorite sports equipment as well, as this day lends itself to all sorts of outdoor activities!

In the spirit of remembrance and awareness, take a moment to appreciate the history of kite-flying and its importance in various cultures throughout the world. Discover the fascinating ways kites have played roles in ceremonies, traditions, and even scientific experiments.

A Fun Fact for You!

Did you know that the longest kite in the world was over three times the length of a blue whale? This colossal kite measured a whopping 1,014 feet long! That's one seriously impressive kite, and definitely enough to make anyone say 'wow'.

History behind the term 'Get High As Fuck'


The emergence of psychoactive substances

During the 1700s, the use of psychoactive substances such as cannabis, opium, and hallucinogens became increasingly popular in various cultures around the world. These substances were commonly used for their mind-altering effects and were incorporated into spiritual rituals, traditional medicine, and recreational activities.


The Jazz Age and 'high' terminology

In the 1920s, the Jazz Age emerged as a significant cultural movement in the United States. Jazz music, known for its improvisational and vibrant nature, often accompanied lively parties and social gatherings. The term 'high' was commonly used by jazz musicians and enthusiasts to describe the euphoric feelings induced by both the music and the consumption of alcohol.


Counterculture, drugs, and 'getting high'

The 1960s marked a significant moment in history with the emergence of the counterculture movement, challenging conventional societal norms. During this era, the use of recreational drugs, particularly marijuana and LSD, became prevalent among the youth. 'Getting high' quickly became a popular phrase to describe the altered states of consciousness achieved through drug consumption.


Mainstream adoption of 'high as fuck'

In the 1970s, the phrase 'high as fuck' began to gain traction and entered mainstream culture. While the precise origin of the term is unclear, it likely originated from the underground drug culture and eventually spread to wider usage. It quickly became an expression used to emphasize and exaggerate the intensity of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Popularity and evolving usage

In the present day, the term 'get high as fuck' has become ingrained in popular culture and is widely recognized. It has evolved beyond solely referring to drug or alcohol use and is now used more broadly to describe extreme sensations, emotions, or experiences. While its usage may be considered vulgar in some settings, it remains a popular expression among certain groups.

Did you know?

Did you know that the longest kite in the world was over three times the length of a blue whale? This colossal kite measured a whopping 1,014 feet long!


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22nd March 2015

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