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Who knew that a date on the calendar could strike a pose and say 'Cheese!'? Wait, it can't literally pose (or say 'cheese'), but it can certainly make you say 'Wow!', Welcome to our feature on National Geographic's 'Your Shot Photo of the Day', an occasion visually rocking the internet world with stunning imagery. Look out for our in-depth delve into its fascinating internet history.

When is Geographic Your Shot Photo Of The Day?

It's national geographic your shot photo of the day on the 12th March.

Shining the Limelight on Captured Moments

National Geographic's 'Your Shot Photo of the Day' is an online phenomenon that practically needs no introduction. Or does it? We're all familiar with those breathtaking pictures that disrupt our humdrum scrolling, but how much do we know about the day dedicated to celebrating these snapshots of beauty?

Picture Perfect History

Our records suggest that the celebration of this day started making the rounds online near the beginning of the digital photography era. While the concept of digital photography dates back to the 1950s, it wasn't until the dawn of the new millennium that it started eclipsing traditional photography, and with it, breathed life into 'Your Shot Photo of the Day'. According to our revisions, the first major spike in online mentions related to this day was recorded on March 12, 2017, with a whopping 4313 mentions in that 24-hour period. Talk about a viral sensation!

A Beautiful Bond Between the Lens and the Internet

In today's digital age, where everyone with a smartphone fancies themselves as a photographer, 'Your Shot Photo of the Day' continues to capture our collective imagination by showcasing the true artistry of photography. It brings to light the indescribable strength of visuals and the power of a well-timed click.

History behind the term 'Geographic Your Shot Photo Of The'


The Invention of Photography

In the year 1885, photography was in its early stages of development. It was a time when photographers were experimenting with different techniques to capture images. The invention of the camera provided people with a tool to freeze a moment in time and create a visual representation of the world around them.


National Geographic Society

In 1978, the National Geographic Society launched the first issue of its magazine called 'National Geographic.' This publication aimed to showcase the beauty of nature, culture, and people from all around the world. The magazine included stunning photographs taken by professional photographers, capturing breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, and cultural events.


Your Shot Photo Contest

In the year 2008, National Geographic launched the 'Your Shot' photo contest. This contest allowed amateur photographers from around the globe to submit their best photographs to be considered for publication in the magazine. It provided an opportunity for people with a passion for photography to have their work recognized by a renowned organization and shared with a vast audience.


Geographic Your Shot Photo of the Day

In 2013, National Geographic introduced the 'Your Shot Photo of the Day' feature on their website. This daily feature showcased a selected photograph from the 'Your Shot' community, highlighting the talent and creativity of amateur photographers. It became a popular and celebrated section, providing a platform for photographers to gain exposure and receive recognition for their work.

Did you know?

Did you know that the most shared 'Your Shot Photo of the Day' was an image titled 'Straight Chill', depicting a leopard relaxing in a tree? Talk about a cat nap!


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7th October 2016

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12th March 2017

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