National Fries Day

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Hey there, fry enthusiasts! Are you ready to celebrate National Fries Day? Get your taste buds tingling because we've got a whole lot of fried potato goodness coming your way!

When is Fries Day?

It's national fries day on the 12th July.

The Internet Craze Behind National Fries Day

Did you know that the internet loves fries? No, seriously, it LOVES them! National Fries Day is a day dedicated to celebrating these golden, crispy, and oh-so-addictive sticks of potato joy.

The internet has been ablaze with discussions about fries, with over 1339 mentions online. People just can't stop talking about their love for fries, and who can blame them? Whether you prefer them straight-cut, curly, shoestring, waffle, or crinkle, there's a fry for everyone's taste buds.

On July 12th, 2018, fries took over the online world like never before. It was like the fry-apocalypse of the internet. Everyone was frying out about fries, and hashtags like #FryDay and #FriesForDays were trending like crazy.

But what's the story behind National Fries Day? Well, it seems that the origins of this delicious holiday are a bit murky. There isn't an official designation for this day, but that hasn't stopped fry fanatics from celebrating. It's a day where people come together to proclaim their love for all things fried and potato-y.

So, grab your ketchup, mayo, hot sauce, or your favorite dipping sauce because it's time to unleash your inner fry connoisseur! Whether you're enjoying fries with friends, family, or even on your own, this day is all about treating yourself to some crispy goodness.

Fun Fact: The Longest French Fry Ever

Did you know that the longest recorded french fry in history measured a whopping 34 inches? That's like the size of a small sword made out of potato! It was created by Dan Rogalski in the UK and was officially measured on National Fries Day in 2016. Talk about dedication to the fry cause!

History behind the term 'Fries'


The Origin of French Fries

The term 'fries' has its origins in the 17th century in France. It is believed that fries were first introduced by French chef François Louis, who served them in his kitchen at the court of French King Louis XIV. The potatoes used for these early fries were sliced into long, thin strips and then deep-fried until crispy. This method of cooking potatoes quickly gained popularity in France and soon spread throughout Europe.


American Introduction

The term 'fries' made its way across the Atlantic and gained popularity in the American colonies during the late 18th century. French fries quickly became a favorite street food in cities like New York and Philadelphia, where vendors sold them from small carts. The term 'french fries' was often used to differentiate them from other types of fried potatoes, such as British-style chips.


The Industrial Revolution and Frozen Fries

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, food production techniques underwent significant advancements. In the late 19th century, frozen food preservation methods were developed, allowing fries to be frozen and stored for extended periods. This innovation revolutionized the industry and allowed fries to be easily mass-produced and distributed to a wider audience.


The Emergence of Fast Food Chains

In 1949, the first fast food chains, such as McDonald's, began to popularize french fries as a staple item on their menus. The convenient and delicious nature of fries made them an instant hit among consumers. Fast food chains played a significant role in spreading the term 'fries' worldwide, leading to its recognition as a universal term for this beloved snack.


Global Popularity

Today, fries are a global phenomenon and are enjoyed in various forms and flavors around the world. The term 'fries' has become widely recognized and is used to describe fried potato strips in many different cultures and languages. From classic french fries to waffle fries, curly fries, and sweet potato fries, this versatile and delicious dish continues to evolve and delight people of all ages.

Did you know?

Did you know that the longest recorded french fry in history measured a whopping 34 inches?


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