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Welcome to our little corner of celebration central, today we've got something rather unique on the menu, it's National Friendzone Day! Seems like the internet has a day for everything these days, eh? Now, you may be thinking 'what in the world', but stay with us – there's a lot more to this day than you might think!

When is Friendzone Day?

It's national friendzone day on the 9th June.

What exactly is National Friendzone Day?

Well, we're pretty sure you've heard of the term 'friendzone', haven't you? Of course you have! It's that well-populated area where some people end up when romantic aspirations for a particular friend are, well... unrequited. But what you might not know is that the internet, in all its weird yet wonderful glory, decided to give this phenomena its own day on our digital calendars.

History of National Friendzone Day on the Internet:

The first significant online shout-out we tracked for National Friendzone Day was on June 9, 2015. It seems one lonely heart (or perhaps many) decided that this common relationship hiccup needed to be highlighted. Since then, this day has grown from a little blip on internet radar to a shout-out from the rooftops! Annual online mentions rose from a handful in 2015 to 161 last time we checked – that's more popular than National Eat Pickles with Chocolate Day (yes, that's genuinely a thing).

So How Do You Celebrate National Friendzone Day?

You might be wondering how exactly one goes about celebrating such a romantically-challenged holiday. Do you buy a ‘just friends’ card? Stage a heartfelt re-enactment of your favorite sitcom friendzone moment? Or maybe you just send a friendly text to that person who left you hanging in friend limbo. No matter how you choose to commemorate this day, remember, the friendzone isn't forever...hopefully.

History behind the term 'Friendzone'


Introduction of the term 'friendzone'

The term 'friendzone' was popularized in an episode of the American sitcom 'Friends' titled 'The One with the Blackout'. In this episode, Ross Geller, one of the main characters, laments being stuck in the 'friendzone' with his love interest. The term refers to a situation where one person has romantic feelings for another, but the feelings are not reciprocated and the relationship remains strictly platonic.


Internet meme explosion

In the early 2000s, the term 'friendzone' gained significant traction on the internet and became a popular meme. It spread through online forums, social media platforms, and chat rooms. Memes describing the friendzone experience often featured humorous images or captions, providing a relatable outlet for individuals who felt stuck in unrequited romantic situations.


Friendzone enters mainstream vocabulary

The term 'friendzone' transcended its origins in internet culture and entered mainstream vocabulary in 2011. It began to be regularly used in casual discussions, popular media, and even found its way into dictionaries. The concept resonated with a wide audience, as many people could relate to experiences of unreciprocated romantic attraction and the challenge of navigating friendships with underlying romantic feelings.


Criticism and evolving perspectives

As the term 'friendzone' became more widely known, it also faced criticism for perpetuating unhealthy attitudes towards relationships. Some argued that it implied entitlement or resentment towards friends who did not reciprocate romantic feelings. Others pointed out that it simplified complex emotional dynamics and disregarded the value of genuine friendships. This criticism sparked discussions and prompted shifts in the way people approach and discuss relationships.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Friendzone Day shares its date with National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day? So now you can turn your romantic woes into culinary delights!


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9th June 2015

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