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In a universe full of galaxies, stars, and planets, there's no such thing as too many friends! Enter National Friends Day, the day to celebrate all the wonderful people in our lives that make the highs higher and the lows not quite so low.

When is Friends Day?

It's national friends day on the 5th February.

What is National Friends Day?

Well, Internet explorers of friendship and camaraderie, National Friends Day is a wonderfully warm occasion where we take a moment to recognize and appreciate the folks who would help us move a sofa at short notice. The immutable beings who know the precise consistency of our favoured pancake batter and who still laugh heartily at our garage-band photos from high school.

Rise to Prominence

National Friends Day has been noted in the online world since 2012, however, the level of recognition spiked exponentially on 5th February 2016, perhaps attributable to a trending social media challenge or merely a mass realization of how awesome our pals truly are. As soon as we started tracking this day, the internet exploded with 7775 mentions of this glorious excuse to celebrate high-fives and in-jokes.

Why Celebrate Friendship?

It's not just about having someone to share your secrets or giggle with over a shared box of pizza, friends are there for us in times of need, and they share our joys, adventures and, indeed, our disappointing bundt cake attempts. They are the family we choose, and they serve as constant reminders of what's truly important in life - connection, love, and a good board game night.

How to Celebrate?

Honestly, what better way to celebrate National Friends Day than with your favorite bunch of weirdos? Maybe set up a sports day, host a movie marathon, or prepare a food fest showcasing all your favorite meals. You know, the very decadence your friends won't judge you for relishing, but instead, would be the first ones to join in the feast.

History behind the term 'Friends'


Old English Beginnings

The term 'friends' finds its origins in Old English as 'freond'. In Old English, 'freond' referred to a person with whom one had a mutual affection and loyalty. The concept of friendship in this time period was closely tied to personal bonds and social alliances.


Shakespeare's Influence

The term 'friends' gained popularity during the Elizabethan era through the works of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare's plays, like 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', explored the complexities of friendship, love, and loyalty. His use of the term 'friends' in the dialogue helped solidify its place in the English language.

19th Century

The Rise of Friendships

During the 19th century, friendships started to be recognized as important social relationships. The Industrial Revolution brought about urbanization and a shift from rural communities to cities, leading individuals to rely on friendships as a source of companionship and support in a rapidly changing world.


The Birth of 'Best Friends'

In the 1920s, the term 'best friends' emerged, signifying an even closer and more intimate bond between individuals. The idea of having a 'best friend' became popularized through literature, films, and cultural trends, emphasizing the significance of a special and trusted confidant.


The 'Friends' Phenomenon

The popular TV show 'Friends' debuted in 1994 and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The sitcom portrayed a group of friends navigating life in New York City, highlighting the complexities and joys of friendship. The show's immense popularity further solidified the term 'friends' in modern-day pop culture.

Did you know?

Did You Know? Despite its overwhelming online presence, National Friends Day is officially unrecognized by any country's legislation. It's really the purehearted efforts of millions of besties worldwide that make it a special day!


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